Nimbus v4 + Custom Drilled Holes + Free E-liquid $54.00


If your in the market for a JPGE Nimbus v4… i’m pretty sure there isn’t a better deal than this. Use the coupon code “dna10” at checkout and get the Nimbus v4, custom drilled holes & a free bottle of e-juice for just $54.00! When you take the value of …

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Pulse G Rebuildable Atomizer Clone $10.82


Here is a kinda awesome deal on the Pulse G rebuildable atomizer clone. Considering that I paid almost $2 more over at Fasttech for the same exact RBA. And even at the Fasttech price… the Pulse G clone is a steal. At just $10.82 with FREE SHIPPING included… this deal …

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Smap MOD / S4000 BCC Atomizer Starter Kit $47.92


I gotta say… this Smap MOD / S4000 starter kit looks quite interesting. Let’s talk about the Smap MOD first. It kinda look like the K100 fire switch and an eVic top cap. But, the most impressive feature is obviously the global map tube with the slight steam punk feel …

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Innokin iClear 30 Dual Coil Clearomizer $5.95


Here is one of the best prices that I’ve personally seen on the Innokin iClear 30 dual coil clearomizer. And the crazy thing is that it’s from a USA vendor. Nice. =) Altsmoke has just placed the Innokin iClear 30 dual coil clearomizer on clearance. Right now… they are priced …

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Efest LUC v4 Universal Battery Charger $28.99


It’s not very often that good deals on battery charger drop. And, it’s a shame too since having a good charger is 50% of being safe while vaping. And the Efest LUC v4 is a damn good battery charger. It features 4 independent charging channels with reverse polarity, short circuit …

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Footoon Origin MOD Clone In Brass $19.00


Dang… didn’t the stainless steel Footoon Origin MOD clone just drop last week? Well, if you were waiting on the brass release… your in luck. The brass version of the Footoon Origin clone just hit the web. And… the cost is just $19 shipped worldwide! Come on… how you gonna …

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Trident v2 Rebuildable Atomizer By Grand Vapor $80


With the Grand Vapor Trident clones flooding the market these last few months. And, with how well they perform… I find it only right to support the authentic RDA as well. Especially when it’s the new Trident v2 version. And double especially when it’s as a discounted price. Triple especially …

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