MyFreedomSmokes Halloween Sale


My favorite vendors are the ones that are constantly bring good deals to the table. MyFreedomSmokes Halloween sale is like the 5th different sale they have thrown out in the past 3 weeks. Trust me… I’m not complaining. This is why this is one of the most visited vendors of …

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Atomizer Holdfast Clamp (Black) $3.89


Things that make you go hmmmmmm! Ok… I’ve doing this a lot lately to point out some ridiculous gear in the vape world. For the most past, my posts are about products I enjoy and would most likely give a stamp of approval on. This Atomizer Holdfast Clamp though falls …

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SMPL Styled Mechanical Mod $20.56


Shoutout to Jon for the heads up that Focal just placed the SMPL Styled Mechanical Mod in stock for just $20.56! That price even includes FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING! From past orders, I don’t think their FREE shipping option includes a tracking number though. So, if you want one (which I …

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CloudCig Hobo Style RDA $17.99


First off… I wanna give a shoutout to Chris for the heads up on this deal. 101vape has just placed the CloudCig Hobo v2.1 RDA Atomizer in stock and ready to ship for $17.99. That’s $7.00 of their regular price. Pretty good deal indeed. It looks like you only get …

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Black Mutation X RDA Atomizer $22.99


101vape has just placed the AUTHENTIC Black Mutation X RDA Atomizer by Indulgence for $22.99. I must say… that’s a pretty awesome price for such a great atomizer. And at just $22.99… it doesn’t hurt to support #teamauthentic. =) I got a question for the GOTSMOK community. Anyone out there …

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26650 MNKE Battery BOGO Sale $15.00


UltraMist has a 26650 MNKE Battery BOGO sale going on right now. Price is basically $15 for 2 batteries with FREE SHIPPING included. The 26650 MNKE Battery has a rated capacity of 3500mAh, a maximum continuous discharging current of 30A and a maximum pulse discharging current of 60A. What does …

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CU Copper Mod (Back In Stock) $110.00


Just a quick heads up for those looking to pick up the CU Copper Mod by High Valley Mods. VaporDNA has just restocked them in limited quantities for $115 with FREE SHIPPING & a FREE BOTTLE of MP juice. Plus, you can use the coupon code “5OFF” to save yourself …

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2 In 1 Drip Tip And Top Cap (5 Pack) $6.69


Heres a nice deal on some 2 in 1 drip tip and top caps for TOBH V2 styled rebuildable atomizers. This is a 5 pack for half the price of 1 from most US vendors. Not bad right? These 2 in 1 drip tip and top caps are constructed of …

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