Vapor Chef Veterans Day Sale 15% Off


I just got the heads up that Vapor Chef is having a Veteran’s Day sale this weekend. Just use the coupon code “vet15” to save 15% off your entire order. Offer is valid through midnight 11/11 EST. Now… to be honest… I’ve never tried any of these juice line. But …

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Sony US18650VTC3 1600mAh Battery $6.49


I just got the heads up that SunVapers has just put the Sony US18650VTC3 on sale. Right now… they cost $6.49! Not a bad deal considering how hard it is to get batteries past China post lately. Even better deal considering how good these batteries are! The Sony US18650VTC3 is …

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High Desert Vapes November Fall Flavor Frenzy Sale


I just got the heads up on the new High Desert Vapes November Fall Flavor Frenzy Sale going on right now. First off… DAMN that’s a long sale name. =) LOL, OK now that that’s out of the way. Hey, long name or not… the sale is pretty good. You …

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Halo E Liquid Veterans Week Sale


Dang… it’s been a minute since we had the scoop on a Halo E Liquid sale. But hey… that’s why you keep it locked on GOTSMOK. So you can get all the best scoops on all the best vape discounts, deals & steals. =) Well, hit up the Halo E …

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Smok E Mountain Fusion Drip Tips $9.00


I just noticed that DNA just placed the Smok E Mountain Fusion drip tips up on there site. And, they run just $9.00 after you use the coupon code “DNA10”. Not a bad deal at all considering how pimp these drip tips are. Here’s a hint though. When you pick …

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Stainless Steel Nemesis Clone (IN STOCK) $42.29


Finding a stainless steel Nemesis clone in stock has been kinda hard lately. Fasttech, sold out. Dragonfly, sold out. Even Aka, sold out. But, they do have the 2 tone and brass in stock. Well, I found you guys another source to cop. Best part about this deal is that …

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Smoktech RSST Genesis Atomizer $19.49


101 has been on one hell of a role lately. Yesterday was there re-stock on the Innokin iTaste MVP 2 deal that’s just flying off the shelves. Today, they restocked on the Smoktech RSST Genesis atomizer. And, they still are able to price it at just $19.49! Pretty awesome price …

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Doc Dave Bliss Genesis Style RBA (Clone) $12.40


The Doc Dave Bliss genesis style RBA clone just hit the web. And at $12.40… owners of the $140 original won’t be too happy I’m sure. Seriously… there’s a lot of value here for just $12.40 shipped. Were talking a Genesis style RBA that’s able to support multiple wick setups. …

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