VaporDNA Free Bottle of Millenium Potion E-Juice


There’s a new promotion going on at VaporDNA… and I gotta say… I like it. For a limited time… get a free bottle of Millennium Potion E-liquid with ANY PURCHASE on! Seriously… that’s a pretty good deal. Buy a drip tip and get a free bottle of juice. Buy …

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Smoktech SID (Variable Voltage / Wattage APV) $37.61


The Smoktech SID just hit FT and at the lowest prices seen since the healthcabin¬†sale of a few months ago. This time around… it’s priced at just $37.61! Seriously… not a bad deal for a variable voltage / wattage advanced personal vaporizer. It’s also available in black, blue, fuchsia, gold, …

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Kick Clone By Fasttech (Variable Wattage Module) $8.33


You knew it was gonna happen sooner or later. This time… Fasttech is a little late to the party. But, they just released there version of the Kick clone. And, in the same Fasttech fashion… there price is unbelievable at just $8.33! That’s almost $6 cheaper than the most recent …

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Kamry K100 MOD Only $22.49


It’s been a minute since I posted a Kamry K100 MOD only deal but hey… this deal is nothing to sneeze at. Mt Baker just placed these in stock and at a great price. Just use the coupon code “livechat” and you can cop the Kamry K100 MOD only for …

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This JM22 MOD clone is one of the more simpler clones to come out lately. But, sometimes simpler is just that much better. =) Check it out. It features a stainless steel 22mm body with silver plated telescopic 510 center pin & bottom locking ring. And, the only logo in …

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Ikarus Hybrid 2.1 Clone PRE-SALE $39.99


The first pre-sale that I posted up on the Ikarus Hybrid 2.1 clone was at $50 plus and it sold like crazy. Well, today is a different day. 101 is a different company. And the Ikarus hybrid is going for a different (lower) price. =) Were talking just $39.99 for …

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Vision Aurora Bottom Fed Tank Kit 1.8mL $26.99


With the amount of love I got for my VMOD XL… it’s only natural I give props to the Vision Aurora as well. I dunno know why… but I just love how I can just squeeze more flavor without having to drip all the time. So convenient. And hey… i’m …

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Kraken RBA By Vicious Ant (Clone) PRE-SALE $25.99


101 is bringing the heat lately and this Kraken RBA by Vicious Ant clone PRE-SALE is no exception. We’re talking about $25.99 for a stainless steel & Pyrex RBA that looks to be a 1:1 clone of the original. And with an expected delivery date in November… the wait on …

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