18650 Sony VTC4 Battery $8.95


The rumor mill has been running rampant on why every vendor seems to be sold out on the 18650 Sony VTC4 Battery. Everything from the factory being shut down to Sony doesn’t want vapers to use their batteries for vaping. But, the fact is that most vendors can’t keep the …

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Seven 35 Variable Wattage APV $64.21


FastTech just stocked a new variable wattage mod that looks very reminiscent to the Seven 22/30 mods made by Pioneer4You. Except this mod goes up to 35 watts. So… let’s just call it the Seven 35 APV Clone? I dunno if it’s right to call it a clone though since …

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Smoktech Galileo Telescoping Mechanical Mod $21.88


This is a pretty nice deal on the Smoktech Galileo Telescoping Mech Mod. How good you ask? 2 bucks cheaper than Fasttech and its shipped out of Southern California so you can have it in your hands quicker. But they do have a limited quantity and at the time of …

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Carbon Fiber FUhattan $45.00


I introduce you to the first COMPETITION carbon fiber mod clone. Impressive right? LOL, thought so! Real talk though, I’m pretty sure GVapers are the only people with the Carbon Fiber FUhattan in stock at the moment. So this one is for you GOTSMOKIANS that want to be the first …

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Vulcan Style RDA (Black or Gold) $10.00


I don’t know how they do it at this inexpensive, but I’m not complaining. Angelcigs just put up 2 colorways for their take on the Vulcan Style RDA. We all know what this RDA is capable of but I’ll just throw some stats out there for all you noobs. It …

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Big Dripper Style RDA $15.33


A newer version of the Big Dripper Style RDA Atomizer has hit the FastTech shelves. This one looks alot better than the previous version. And, it costs just about the same price at $15.33 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included. It features a tip-post design, airflow control and a copper center …

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Vulcan 18650 Mod + RDA $33.19


Is it still considered a clone if an “authentic” version never existed? Just wondering out loud over here.  Hey, I may be wrong but I don’t think a Vulcan 18650 mechanical mod has been made/released yet. But, FastTech just stocked a Vulcan 18650 Mechanical Mod + RDA Atomizer Kit for …

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iTaste MVP 2 Starter Kit $38.99


This isn’t the first time that I have posted this iTaste MVP 2 Starter Kit deal. And it’s probably not gonna be the last time either. Vapintown2013 on eBay has already sold over 2,400 of these iTaste MVp 2 Starter Kits for a reason. First off… you can choose from …

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