Ceramic Drip Tips FREE!!! ($2 Shipping)


Everybody knows that I love me some drip tips. I have all types. I have more stainless steel drip tips than I can shake a stick at. I have acrylic drip tips galore. Even glass drip tips. The one thing I have yet to collect are ceramic drip tips. And …

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I-Atty Rebuildable Atomizer Clone $20.00


When these first dropped a few weeks ago… the vape world was buzzing. A Zen Atty Pro clone at a sub $20 price tag. Crazy… but it happened. The I-Atty features an anodized aluminium construction with a Pyrex glass tank. Well… since there is a 7 business day wait time …

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RSST RBA By Smoktech (Genesis Style Atomizer) $19.99


It’s been a minute since we posted a decent RSST RBA deal. I don’t know why… but most vendors would rather sit on stock than price it to go. Well, not VaporMania. They have the RSST RBA by Smoktech priced at just $19.99! That’s $5 less than the Fasttech deal …

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Youde UDT V10 Mechanical MOD $64.95


Here’s something new for you to sink your teeth in. Introducing the Youde UDT V10 mechanical MOD. Coming from the same makers of the AGA-T2, IGO-L & IGO-W so you know the quality is top notch for the price. The Youde UDT V10 features a stainless steel body, copper (says copper but …

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AGA T2 Rebuildable Tank $16.83


It’s been a while since there has been a good deal on a AGA T2 rebuildable tank. I bought mine just a few months ago for over $25. And it is still worth every penny of what I payed. Seriously… a stainless steel & Pyrex Genesis style atomizer now for …

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Ekowool 2mm Silica Wick (Hollow Or Silica Core) $3-4.40


Ekowool has been the silica wick of choice for a minute now. I personally use 2mm hollow Ekowool in most of my drippers. And, I have no complaints at all. =) Well, here’s a pretty good source on the cheap. You can pick up 2 feet of 2mm hollow wick …

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The Standard E Liquid $20.90


If you’ve tried The Standard E Liquid before… you know it’s nice. Problem is… each bottle usually costs $22 and most of the time… it’s hard to find the nic content or flavor you want. Well, I just noticed that Altsmoke has just put up a full stock run on …

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Chris Creations Novice MOD Clone $21.75

Finally… a decent 14500 clone has hit the web. Introducing the Chris Creations Novice MOD clone. Now, the main difference between this Chris Creations Novice MOD clone and the original is that this clone is not a hybrid. It features a 510 connector with brass center pin. And honestly… I …

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