AGA T3 RBA Atomizer (DOTD) $25.00


I was just over at Ultramist and I noticed that they have the AGA T3 RBA atomizer as their DOTD “deal of the day”. What’s the price? How about just $25! And… FREE SHIPPING is included! This is by far the lowest priced AGA T3 RBA atomizer deal so far. …

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Hcigar Nemesis Clone (Stainless Steel) $29.99


Looks like 101 just restocked on the Hcigar Nemesis Clone in stainless steel. Price? How about just $29.99 + their standard $1.99 shipping. Making this the best Hcigar Nemesis clone deal this side of the Pacific. Keep in mind that the last time that these were in stock… they sold …

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AIOS Atomizer PMMA Parts $4.70


There are a few things I’m pretty sure of about last year. One thing I know for sure is that Style of Mojo Chi You clone was one of the most popular clones of the year. This alone made the AIOS clone one of the most popular RBA/RDA clones of …

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Efest Purple IMR 18650 30A 2100mAh Battery $8.99


Here’s a nice deal to wake up to. 101 has just placed the new Efest Purple IMR 18650 battery. It features a 30A maximum continuous discharge rate but now sports an improved 2100mAh capacity! So… basically… you get the best of both worlds with the Efest Purple IMR. The safety …

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Smoktech SID APV (Advanced Personal Vaporizer) $33.58


Here is an awesome price on the Smoktech SID APV. For a limited time… ChinaBuye has just placed them on sale for just $33.58! That’s almost $4.00 cheaper that the lowest Fasttech price. Pretty crazy considering the amount of features that this advanced personal vaporizer features. Were talking adjustable voltage …

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Foggatti T22 Hybrid Clone $35.57


WOW. This came out of nowhere. The Foggatti T22 Hybrid Clone just dropped. Price? How about $35.57 shipped worldwide! Seriously… it’s amazing how much bang for our vape bucks we can get nowadays. The Foggatti T22 Hybrid Clone features a stainless steel & glass construction, 2.5mL capacity, adjustable center pin …

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Lavafire Rocket Mechanical MOD Blowout $12.74


VaporBeast is having an awesome sale on the Lavafire Rocket mechanical MOD. They just placed it as their “deal of the deal” at a price tag of just $14.99. Now… for a limited time… you can also use the coupon code “newyear” to lower the price a just $12.74! Not …

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Vortex RDA Atomizer Clone $7.43


The vendor we all love to hate just stocked another un-expected clone. This time… up to bat is the Vortex RDA atomizer clone. This 20mm RDA features a stainless steel and PMMA build, laser engraved logo & posts with thumbscrews. Not bad considering that it costs a mere $7.43 shipped …

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