Odysseus Rebuildable Atomizer Clone $18.68


When the Odysseus rebuildable atomizer clone was first released… it cost $50. Prices have dropped since then of course. But, current prices still hover around $25 plus shipping. And, it’s worth every penny at that price. Fortunately for you, we always look for better deals. It’s an addiction to find …

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Sentinel Clone Starter Kit 24.61


Here you go… Fasttech jumping on the Sentinel clone starter kit! And, jumping in with both feet. This kit includes (1) Sentinel clone v3, (1) 18350 battery, (1) US charger & (1) giftbox. All coming in at a price similar to the lowest prices we have seen on just the …

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Grand Vapor Private 2 Clone $38.69


This Grand Vapor Private 2 clone deal is going to piss off a lot of people. But, at the same time… it’s going to make a lot more people very happy. So… majority wins. Here you go… the Grand Vapor Private 2 clone. Brought to you from the same people …

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iTaste v3 Variable Voltage / Wattage Battery $35.95


Innokin iTaste v3 variable voltage / wattage battery from a US vendor and at a great price. What more can you ask for? How about a coupon code too? =) Well, you asked for it… you got it. AquaVapor has the black and pearl chrome iTaste v3 in stock and …

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Splash Tank (Anodized Pyrex Cartomizer Tank) $42.70


This deal is defiantly not one of the cheapest deals that we have posted for a cartomizer tank. In fact… we just posted today about the $5.70 Smok DCT tank that’s flying off the shelves. But this deal is for those who appreciate a higher quality and a unique look. …

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Smok Pyrex DCT Cartomizer Tank $5.70


One of the hottest cartomizer tanks on the market at almost 50% off regular price! That might sound too good to be true. but read on! The Smok Pyrex DCT cartomizer tank is just as it’s name suggests. It’s a cartomizer tank that features a Pyrex glass tube. The tube …

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Phoenix V5 Atomizer (Nimbus Clone) $6.10


Can’t afford the real Nimbus?  The Phoenix V5 Atomizer is a nimbus clone.  This atomizer is made of stainless steel.  It looks and functions like a nimbus.  It maybe hits harder with the brass posts.  You can’t beat the price.  The Phoenix V5 Atomizer comes built with 1 ohm dual …

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Squid RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer) Clone $4.77


The Squid RDA (rebuildable dripping atomizer) clone looks to be a solid, low-cost option for on-the-go. I can defiantly see it on top of a Smok VV Winder for some coordinated drip vaping. And you all know… you gotta coordinate. =) The Squid RDA is available in blue, coffee, fuchsia, golden, green, …

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