Trippy Tips New Batch (AD) Released! $29.95 & Up


A new batch of Trippy Tips have just hit DragonFly and I gotta say… most of them are nice, some are amazing & a few are just crazy. I’m serious. But don’t take my word for it. Head on over an check for yourself. Some of my favorites are A3, …

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eGo C Twist 1300mAh Variable Voltage Battery $14.27


When it was released… it was a game changing device for the vape industry. An eGo style battery with variable voltage that’s easy to use and at a low price. Kinda awesome. I’ve personally owned about 8. All of which I have PIF to starter vapers along with my Vivi …

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Big Bang E Cigs Bomb Sauce 5 Pack $32.99


ATTENTION E-JUICE JUNKIES! I was just over at Big Bang E Cigs checking out there “Bomb Sauce” e-liquid line and I gotta say… CRAZY. With names like Alien Piss, Crunk Monk & Pimp Juice… I gotta say… it might be worth a try. Just so I can say… “Hey, wanna …

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Steamboy Storm Rider 2.1 RBA Clone $20.97


You know that for the past few months… the #clonewars had it’s sights squarely set on MODs. Now, don’t get me wrong… i’m not complaining. But, I did wish that better RBAs & RDAs would be available too. Well, it looks like the first shots have been fired at the …

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iClear 30 Clearomizer Clone (T9) $5.72


If it looks like an iClear 30 & walks like an iClear 30 & quacks like an iClear 30… it must be an iClear 30 right? Not quite. The “T9” is an iClear 30 clearomizer clone with a few differences. First and foremost… the original iClear 30 is a dual …

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Lavatube v2.5 APV (Variable Voltage / Wattage) $71.99


I was wondering why Volcano was blowing out there stock on the Lavatube 2. Well, we got our answer today. Volcano just released the Lavatube v2.5 APV (advanced personal vaporizer). What’s the difference? It looks like the biggest difference is that it now supports variable voltage and wattage. Welcome to …

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Cobra Genesis Atomizer Tank Clones $9.00 Shipped!


Fasttech prices from a USA vendor. You know I gotta throw this deal out there. Ultravaping just put all 4 different Cobra Genesis Atomizer tank clones on sale for just $9.00. And, to make the deal even sweeter… FREE SHIPPING is included! ¬†Pretty good deal on a fairly standard genesis …

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Puresmoker Going Out Of Business Sale 35% Off


I just saw that Puresmoker is closing up shop. It says so right on there front page of their website. And, as a thank you to all of there customers… the coupon code “ThankYou35” will get you 35% off your entire order. This might be a perfect time to pick …

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