Tesla M5 Mechanical MOD $35.99


Just a quick heads up. The Beast has just placed the Tesla M5 mechanical MOD on sale. And, if you use the coupon code “YEAHBABY” the price drops even further. Now is it just me or does this look like a smaller / nicer looking version of the iTaste 134? …

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OMG E-Liquid (4 Pack) + Free Bottle Of Juice $30.59


Here’s a pretty decent deal on OMG E-liquid. For a limited time… you can use the coupon code “DNA10” to bring down the price of the OMG E-liquid to $30.59. And… as with all DNA… every order get a free bottle of ML E-liquid. That makes 5 bottles of juice …

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Smoktech Pyrex RSST RBA Atomizer $22.45


I was just over at VK and I noticed that they just placed the Smoktech Pyrex RSST RBA atomizer in stock and ready to ship. An the best part about it… if you use the coupon code “VKBC” at checkout… the price drops to just $22.45! That a few dollars …

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Hcigar Brass Kraken Clone $29.99


Just a quick heads up. 101 just placed the Hcigar Brass Kraken clone in stock and ready to ship. And, their price of $29.99 is the cheapest that I’ve seen yet. As a matter of fact… I haven’t seen very many vendors even have these in stock. So… you better …

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Nemesis Switch Magnets (10 Pack) $2.40


If you have a Nemesis, Nemesis clone or JD Tech Scorpion and haven’t switched to the Nemesis Switch Magnets… do yourself a favor and pick up this 10 pack. Taking out the stock springs and replacing them with the Nemesis Switch Magnets is an awesome upgrade. It makes the throw …

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Hcigar Kayfun 3.1 Clone $44.99


If you’ve been waiting for a legit source for the Hcigar Kayfun 3.1 clone…. your in luck. 101 has just placed these in stock and ready to ship. And at $44.99… the price is cheaper than any other vendor not found on eBay. Besides… the Hcigar Kayfun 3.1 clone includes …

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HealthCabin Chinese New Year Sale


I’m sure your aware already that most Chinese vendors will be going on vacation until about 02/06/14. That being said… there are still deals to be had. You just have to be patient on shipping times. I just got the heads up on the HealthCabin Chinese New Year Sale. Basically… …

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Provape Provari Hybrid Colors (NOW AVAILABLE)


Here’s a quick heads up for all you Provape Provari fans. If you didn’t already know… the Provape Provari is now available in hybrid colors. The first 3 launch hybrid colors are white to black, green to blue & black to red. Now if only they release hybrid color atomizers. …

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