RJ Mods Zodiac Drip Tip $12.00


Here’s a good deal if your a brand name drip tip junky. =) UltraMist just put the RJ Mods Zodiac Drip Tip on sale for just $12.00. That’s more than 50% off the MSRP of $25.00! I know what #teamcheapmod is thinking, $25 for a RJ Mods Zodiac drip tip? …

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Smok Kick Blowout (USA Vendor) $8.00


VixenVapors is running a fire sale on the Smok Kick. They already have them priced at just $9.99. But, if you use the coupon code “GOTSMOK” you save an additional 20% off. That means you can pick up a Smok Kick for just $8.00! But that’s not all. I also …

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MNKE 26650 Battery (2 Pack) $22.99


Today is a pretty good day if your in the market for 26650 batteries. VaporDNA just got a 2 pack of MNKE 26650 batteries in stock for just $22.99! Plus, with all DNA orders… you get a FREE bottle of e-juice. Just check out the homepage for details. But, if …

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Origen v2 RDA Atomizer Clone $11.66


Surprise surprise. FastTech just placed the Origen v2 RDA Atomizer Clone in stock. Price is just $11.66 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included. But, the best part about this deal is that it looks like a true Origen v2 1:1 clone. Well, technically, it’s a 1:1 clone if you remove the …

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Youde AGA-T7 Rebuildable Atomizer $34.95


This is pretty cool. VaperCompany just got the brand new Youde AGA-T7 rebuildable atomizer in stock. And, BTW… it ships for FREE. LOL, now I know what your saying. Youde releases a new RBA/RDA almost every month. Hey, I don’t see anything wrong with that. I’d rather see a company …

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Vapage Starter Pack + FREE 5 Pack Refills $19.99


I just got an e-mail that the Vapage Starter Pack + FREE 5 Pack Refills has just been put on sale. Get this, the regular price is about $45. But, for the rest of this week, you can pick up a 18mg Vapage Starter Pack + FREE 5 Pack Refills …

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Aerotank Mega By Kanger (FREE SHIPPING) $32.99

Here’s a pretty HOT deal on the brand new Aerotank Mega by Kanger. VaporBeast just put them on sale. All you have to do is use the coupon code “MEGABABY” at checkout to save $7 off their MSRP! Plus, like all orders at VaporBeast, shipping is thrown in for FREE. …

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Omega Style RDA Atomizer Clone $6.57


I know… I know. We all have seen 50+ Omega style clones. But, this one stands out from the rest so I gotta put it out there. FastTech just stocked an Omega style clone that’s as close to the original as possible. First off, this one features the same fat …

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