VapeREV Clearance Sale


Shout out to David for the heads up on the VapeREV clearance going on right now. We’re talking about $80 iTaste 134 Minis, $55 VTR kits, $10 Protank 3s & 2s as well as much more. You can save a lot of money with the VapeREV clearance sale if you’re …

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Black Hawk Panzer Mechanical MOD Clone $32.15


Shout out to Chris for the update on this deal. It looks like FastTech has updated their stock of the Black Hawk Panzer mechanical MOD clone. Now… the version that’s gonna ship will have to same engravings as the authentic Black Hawk Panzer! Pretty nice update considering that the first …

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Orieco Storm-A RDA Atomizer (FREE SHIPPING) $29.95


This one looks good to me. VaperCompany just dropped the brand new Storm-A RDA atomizer by Orieco. The cost is $29.95 with FREE SHIPPING  included. And, while it’s not an exact clone… it does look like it’s based on the Origen dripper. But, the cool thing is that they also carry …

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Cryptex Atomizer by JPGE $79.99

Take the Omega RDA and kick it up a notch, what would you get? The Cryptex Atomizer of course. =) The Cryptex Atomizer is made by JPGE. Which is the same maker of the popular Nimbus RDA. So, you know the quality is going to be top notch. And from …

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Stingray Clone (Polished Two Tone) $26.69

Not to be outdone, FOCALECIG just released their version of the Stingray Clone mechanical mod. And, guess what… at $26.69… it’s even cheaper than FastTech! This has to be the lowest price that I’ve seen it go for so far. Floating 510 center pin, silver plated brass contacts, stainless steel …

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Tree Of Life MOD Clone By Infinite $65.99


The Tree Of Life MOD clone by infinite has just hit the market. Who is the first vendor to get them in stock? AveTradingCo on Ebay. They just put them up for $65.99 with FREE SHIPPING included. To be completely honest, if you wait about a month… you can probably …

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Vamo v5 Variable Volt/Watt MOD $32.43


It’s been a while since I posted a Vamo deal. But, don’t get it twisted, the Vamo V5 is by far one of the best “bang for your buck” variable voltage/wattage devices on the market. The Vamo V5 combines the body style of the V2 and the PCB & OLED …

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Spirit Atomizer By Empire Kings $31.49


One of the most affordable dripping atomizers by a USA manufacture just hit the shelves at VaporDNA. And, if you use the coupon code “DNA10″… the price of the Spirit Atomizer by Empire Kings costs $31.49. But, included in the price is FREE custom drilled air holes in either 1/16, …

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