Sony US26650VT 50A 2600mAh 26650 Battery $6.99


Here’s a pretty nice deal if your in the market for a 26650 battery. A top rated eBay seller just placed the sony us26650vt in stock for $6.99! Were talking authentic Sony batteries with a maximum discharge current of 50A & capacity of 2600mAh! There are two things to take note …

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Crystal Canyon Vapes Coupon Code (20% Off)


Thanks to Capt Donna for the heads up on this deal. It looks like Crystal Canyon Vapes has a new 20% off coupon code. You can use the coupon code “1Year” to save 20% off your entire e-liquid purchase. Not a bad deal considering that they have about 40 different flavors …

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Vape MOD Polishing Kit $19.79

Seriously, why didn’t I think about this? =) VaporDNA just placed these vape MOD polishing kits in stock. I gotta say, it’s such a simple idea but DAMN if it’s not an AWESOME idea! Especially if your like me and like to have your vape gear looking it’s best at …

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Universal 510 Nemesis Hybrid Kit? $2.36


This one is intriguing. It looks like FastTech just stocked a new Universal 510 to Nemesis hybrid kit! Read everyone’s comments on this thing. Everyone seems to think that as opposed to the previous Kayfun to Nemesis Hybrid Kit I posted 4 days ago (which only works with the Kayfun …

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Kanthal Wire (Multiple Gauges & Lengths)


I found myself looking for some good ole kanthal wire last night and came across a pretty good deal on the Bay. You can never have enough sources for kanthal wire right? Especially when you’re trying to copy all these crazy builds you see online like I was. Whether you’re …

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Caravela Clone GOTSMOK Giveaway!


WINNER: Stefano Popovski I though I told ya that we don’t stop… I thought I told ya that we don’t stop… uh uh. =) Let’s keep the party going with a new giveaway. The winner will receive (1) Caravela Mechanical MOD Full Kit with 18350 & 18500 & 18650 tubes. …

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eVic Clone (Vstar Variable Voltage APV) $41.10


This release was definitely a surprise. FastTech just stocked these Vstar Variable Voltage APVs (Advanced Personal Vaporizers). And, I don’t know about you, but it looks a lot like an Evic Clone to me. The major difference between the two being that this APV is strictly a variable voltage MOD …

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Clear M-Tank Clone (For Kayfun 3.1/Lite) $1.32


You’ve been wanting it… Fasttech finally got it in stock. Of course we’re talking about the CLEAR M-Tank Clone. =) A few days ago we gave you the heads up that the M-Tank clone was stocked in a frosty color. Personally, I kinda like the Frosty color. What can I say, …

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