Kamry K100 MOD (Empire Clone) $23.37


With all the Kamry K100 MOD deals lately… I just don’t see how you haven’t ordered one yet. This empire clone hits hard, has minimal voltage loss, looks nice and (lately) has a cheap price tag. That being said… if you missed out on the previous deals this week… your …

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Innokin iTaste VV Starter Kit $38.07


The Innokin iTaste VV is one bad variable voltage device. First off… it looks nice. I mean… for those that want a different look than the standard eGo without looking like your vaping on a metal pipe… this might be just what your looking for. It features a puffer counter, …

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Efest LUC Charger $28.99 IN STOCK!


The Efest LUC charger was pre-viewed a few weeks ago. This is a universal smart battery charger. It features a LCD screen that shows all the information you can possibly want on charging your batteries. And, it’s made by a respected manufacturer, Efest! That being said… it’s is one hard …

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Innokin Ucan Stainless Steel E-liquid Bottle $13.33


What can I say about FastTech lately. They have been dropping e-cig heat on the regular. It’s like almost every day you can find something that just blows other vendors prices out of the water. Then you add a discount code. Then you add free shipping. You can see why …

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Innokin iTaste MVP Variable Voltage Starter Kit $39.08


It seems like prices for quality variable voltage APVs (advanced personal vaporizers) have been falling daily. Take the Innokin iTaste MVP variable voltage starter kit for example. It was just Sunday when I posted a deal at $50. Now less than a week later i’m posting a deal for under …

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Kamry K101 Mechanical MOD $25.18


The Kamry K100 Mechanical (also known as the Empire Clone) has took the vape scene by storm. The has a great reputation of being a solid MOD with great performance and at a great price. Well, Kamry has upped one-upped themselves and improved on their Empire clone. Introducing the Kamry …

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Sigelei Mechanical MODs (7 To Choose From) $40.00


Sigelei is quickly becoming a big time player in the mechanical mod scene. They seem to be release a new MOD each day with no signs of slowing down. OK, I may be exaggerating a bit. But, I’m not far off from the truth either. But there is one thing that is …

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Efest IMR 18350, 18500 & 18650 Batteries $4.98-7.98


With the popularity of mechanical MODs and low Ohm vaping… safe batteries are a necessity. Vaping demands a battery that has high capacity. It also needs to be able to drain fast. And oh BTW… can you also make it safe either through protection or chemistry. Well, thankfully Efest IMR …

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