X-Fire Carved Wood VV 1100mAh Battery $47.99


FIRST AND FOREMOST… THIS IS A PRESALE. So, expect delivery to be at least a month out. That said… check out the X-fire carved wood variable voltage battery. Seriously… when’s the last time you looked at a battery and said “damn that tight!” It’s been a minute right? Well, i …

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Smoktech Galileo Mechanical MOD Clone $22.84


Why am I not surprised that a clone of the Smoktech Galileo Mechanical just dropped. Seriously, were talking about a $35-40 MOD here. But hey, a penny saved is a penny earned. And… whatever it takes to get people off analogs right? Besides, it costs just $23 shipped. And, you …

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Youde Igo-W4 RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer) $15.00


Talk about phalic vaping. =) I guess that’s the theme for the week. Hahaha. Anyways… the new Youde Igo-W4 has just dropped as the DOTD over at ultra. Not a bad deal considering that you can pick up the Youde Igo-W4 for just $15.00 shipped. Looks like the only difference …

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Efest 30 Amp 18650 IMR Battery $7.79


Finding decent batteries has been kinda hard ever since the Asian postal system decided that they didn’t want US shoppers buying up all of there’s. But, there are still some pretty good batteries at decent prices if you know where to look. Just like these Efest 30 Amp 18650 IMR …

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Kamry K600 Walnut Starter Kit $44.77


Here’s a decent price on the complete Kamry K600 Walnut starter kit. It includes the Kamry K600, (1) x6 v2 atomizer, (1) replacement atomizer head & (1) charger. Pretty decent deal if your in the market for a semi-mechanical mod that’s a little bit different than the rest. I say …

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Army Green Innokin iTaste VTR $71.05


You should consider this a “pre-sale” deal since delivery is scheduled in 15 days. But, being that the price is about $50 less than retail… hey, it’s a great deal if you have the patience. All that said… the new Army Green colorway of the brand new Innokin iTaste VTR …

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Kamry K103 Mechanical MOD $31.95


Here is an awesome price on the new Kamry K103 if your the type of person who refuses to purchase from overseas vendors. Well, considering that I’ve only seen this at one other place (an overseas vendor) I can honestly say this is the cheapest price from a USA vendor. …

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Kangertech Protank 3 Dual Coil Clearomizer 2 For $37.20


The Kangertech Protank 3 is up for pre-sale right now. And with an ETA between the 8th and 15th… the wait won’t be long for these. SCORE! =) Just add two into your cart. Then use the coupon code “dna10” and the price drops down to just $37.20. That’s $18.60 …

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