Vicious Ant Cyclone With Air Flow Controller $99.70


This is definitely not a #teamcheapmod deal. But hey… we can’t always be posting clone deals now can we. =) Every now and then we can find deals on the high end vape gear. Case in point, here’s a deal on the Vicious Ant Cyclone with AFC (Air Flow Controller). …

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K100 “Slots” Version (New Style & Colors) $18.74


Another new version of the K100 has been released… dubbed the “slots” version. And to be quite honest… this is what the K101 should have looked like. It keeps the overall shape and lines of the original and updates it. Then add a few new colors like fuchsia, grey, silver …

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XTAR VP1 Li-ion Battery Charger $35.99


OK… I gotta admit. I love me some technology. Something about LCD displays, multiple functions and more specifications to shake a stick at gets me excited. Too much information? =) But seriously, who doesn’t like the newest and best gadget? And the XTAR VP1 definitely is the newest and best. …

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KTS Mechanical Telescopic Mod $19.44


I wanted to bring this deal back up.  Only because this is my favorite low cost mech mod.  The KTS mechanical mod is straight forward.  Nothing complicated.  Has a nice look.  Takes many batteries.  Fits anyone’s budget.  I like modding this device in particular.  Either polishing it to be entirely …

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EGO T4 Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit $12.45


I remember my first kit.  If I only knew how hardcore I would get into this vape game.  I would have bought my Provari from the start.  Go big or go home right?  Well not exactly.  It just took that first kit much like the EGO T4 Kit, not too …

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V9 Electronic Cigarette Kit $42.65


For those of you looking for a nicely priced regulated mod, look no further.  V9 electronic cigarette kit comes with everything.  Battery, Charger, Clearomizer and mod.  On top of that the mod is variable voltage and wattage.  It handles from 3 to 6 volts or 3 to 15 watts.  This …

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Kanger Protank Coils 5 Pack $4.99


The Pro Tank is one of my favorite BCC tanks right now. Something about it’s airy draw plus the BCC design helps it blow clouds. And, an awesome bonus… is that the atomizer heads are pretty simple to rebuild. But, if your one of those who prefer to replace your …

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K100 Mechanical MOD (New 3 Color Design) $18.75


It’s funny how things work out. Just yesterday I was thinking that we haven’t posted a decent k100 mechanical mod deal in a minute. I mean last time was when we broke the new colors almost a month ago! Well here’s to perfect timing cause we get to break not …

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