Vapage 50% Off Sale (Selected Items)


Just got the details on the Vapage 50% off selected items sale. The sale is valid now through 07/08/13. It’s a perfect time to stock up on some supplies at 50% off there regular price. Due to overstock, they have the following items on sale: 5-pack e-cig cartomizers Premium Menthol …

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KTS Telescopic Storm Flat Top (Chrome / TT) $17.45-19.44


The Kamry / KTS Telescopic Storm is one nice affordable MOD. It’s a fully mechanical telescopic MOD. It features an all brass body. The body is then chrome / gold plated. Because of the all brass body… this e-cig hits like a champ. With slight modification (sanding of contact points) …

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Sentinel V3 Clone (Chentinel) $17.06


About 2 weeks ago I got an e-mail about the Sentinel V3 Clone. I replied that i’ll defiantly post it when they start to surface. Well here you go. The cheapest vendor that is selling the Sentinel V3 clone. It’s also known as the Chentinel. It features aluminum and brass …

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Vamo v2 Starter Kit Trustfire Charger / Batteries $40.79


I got put on this Vamo v2 starter kit deal by my boy @terravapes on Instagram. I seriously don’t know how I missed this one. (BTW: if your not following him, get on it.) Well, what else is there to say about the Vamo v2 that I haven’t already said …

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Sigelei 20, Efest 18350 IMR & Sigelei Kick $39.99


Here is an awesome deal for those just starting out with mechanical MODs! First off… you get a Sigelei 20 mechanical MOD. Awesome MOD. So awesome, we are giving one away to one lucky gotsmok community member! Also included is an Efest 18350 IMR battery. Not a bad battery indeed. …

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Kamry x10 Protank Atomizer $7.57


Think what you would have if the Vivi Nova and the Protank had a baby. OK, have the image in your head? I’m pretty sure the image you have would be the Kamry x10 Protank atomizer! This clearomizer system is pretty slick. It’s pretty much like a Protank on steroids. …

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RSST Genesis Atomizer (Free Wick & Wire) $25.46


It’s been a while since we had a decent RSST genesis atomizer deal. But finally, a vendor has stepped up to the plate. Use the coupon code “humpday” to get 15% off your entire cart today. And in this case… if you buy the RSST genesis atomizer… you get free …

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Ovale Elips Starter Kit $34.95


When the Elips was first released… it was priced at $100. And, at $100, there are way better options. But VaporKings have all their Ovale Elips products on clearance. So much so that the starter kit is now priced at $34.95. And at $34.95… you’d be hard press to find …

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