Sony US18650VTC5 2 Pack (PRE-SALE) $19.99 FREE SHIPPING


Thanks goes out to Michell for the heads up on this high drain Li-On battery deal. It looks like the brand new Sony US18650VTC5 has finally made it’s way onto the bay. The Content Girl has just put up a PRE-SALE auction for 2 Sony US18650VTC5 batteries with FREE PRIORITY …

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MtBakerVapor St Patrick’s Day Sale (13% Off Storewide)


Just a quick deal for my e-liquid junkies out there. I just got the details on the MtBakerVapor St Patrick’s Day Sale going on right now. Just use the coupon code “kissmeimvaping” and save 13% off store wide. To be accurate… you actually save 13.317%. One pretty awesome deal considering …

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Hcigar Copper Nemesis Clone (USA Vendor) $41.88


Trying to find the Hcigar Copper Nemesis in stock and ready to ship from a USA vendor is like trying to get a piece of cake away from a fat kid. Almost impossible! With that said, it looks like EmpireVapes has a few in stock on eBay. I mean seriously, …

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Kraken RBA Clone RESTOCKED! $12.92


First off, I just wanna say thanks to Ryan for giving me the heads up on this deal. With that said… it’s like you guys are starting to read my mind. I cleaned my Scorpion and Kraken RBA clone right before I went to sleep last night. Today, the first …

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Top 5 Deals Of The Week 03/15/14


#1 – Black Stingray Mechanical MOD Clone (PREORDER) $49.99 It’s been a long time since we’ve had 5 legit mods released in 1 week. But we did this week. And, I even have to leave out some hot deals too. What can I say… there was a lot of heat released …

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Innokin iClear XI (Dual Coil Clearomizer) $22.49


Just a quick heads up for all my clearomizer friends. VaporBeast has just placed the brand new Innokin iClear XI dual coil clearomizer in stock and ready to ship. And, if you use the coupon code “YEAHBABY” at checkout, the price falls to just $22.49. Which is already lower than …

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Kayfun Lite Clone (Clear PMMA Version) $12.87


Just when you thought that they can’t possible release a new Kayfun Lite Clone… FastTech proves otherwise. Today, they stocked the clear PMMA version of the Kayfun Lite Clone. And, it’s not a bad deal if you haven’t picked one up yet. That’s because… prior to this deal… you had …

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Efest LUC Multi-Function Smart Charger $23.00


If your in the market for a nice battery charger and the Intellicharger i2 just doesn’t do it for you. Or, you just want something a little bit different from the rest of the pack. I got the deal for you. Vp-Wholesales has just placed the Efest LUC multi-function smart charger …

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