Panasonic NCR18650PD & CGR18650CH $9.53 – $14.21

When it comes to e-cigs, I can’t stress this enough… SAFETY FIRST! And the easiest way to make sure that you are as safe as possible is to have a quality battery. A battery that is capable to providing the power you require from it. Now, i’m not gonna get all geeky on you right now. I’ll make it very simple. Stick with either IMR batteries from reputable companies like AW or Efest. Or, pick yourself up a pair of hybrid batteries. And, the top two hybrid batteries out there are the Panasonic NCR18650PD & CGR18650CH.

What makes these batteries so pimp? Well, both batteries are hybrid batteries. This means that they are chemically made of Li-Mn & Li-Ion. This chemical composition is safer! Next, these batteries are high-drain. This means that they are capable of supplying the AMP draw of even a low ohm mechanical setup. And last, but not least, both batteries can be had on the cheap! Pick yourself up a PAIR of 2900 mAh Panasonic NCR18650PD batteries for only $14.21. Or cop a pair of 2250 mAh CGR18650CH batteries for only $9.51. Both of these deals include FREE SHIPPING! Seriously, is $9.53 too much to spend on the safety of you APV or mechanical MOD? I didn’t think so. You can thank me later. =)

Use Coupon Code: CPASTE13SPRING

Pair Of Panasonic NCR18650PD


Pair Of Panasonic CGR18650CH



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