Phoenix RDA (Nimbus Clone) $5.83

UPDATE: It has been confirmed by my facebook page that this RDA does indeed have 3 posts. So, it’s looking more and more like a Nimbus clone!

Been rolling much for vapegear? Well, if you have been… you’d be very accustomed with the Phoenix RDA (rebuildable dripping atomizer). They come in all shapes and colors. And, they have been releasing with a fury. Well, here is the latest in that Phoenix RDA fury. The V7 (FastTech labels it the V5). It is a stainless steel rebuildable. It looks like it come pre-coiled with a 1 Ohm coil and some silica wick. Don’t quote me on that though since the description doesn’t specify. Either way… it’s under $6 & FREE SHIPPING for a stainless steel dripper. You don’t have much stopping you from trying it out for yourselves. I’ll probably pick one up just to mess around with it. How about you… in for one too?

Use Coupon Code: CPASTE13SPRING


  • IronTiger

    I ordered this on the 6th…… haven’t shipped yet. Its my first order from this site. Great prices but not good shipping confirmation to get a tracking so far. So my review on shipping is 0 out if 10….

    • Hopefully you get shipping confirmation soon. That doesn’t seem usual from FastTech.

      • Mr.chow

        Ordered on the 7th and still hasnt shipped yet contacted them about it and replied today saying they sold out and that they will get their next stock in another 3 business days -_- dam china companies piss me off sometime

      • Ugg… thats mad frustrating. Sorry.


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