Polished Sigelei 8/13a Mechanical MOD $31.34

The Sigelei 8 is one of Sigelei’s top mechanical MODs. It’s classic lines and side mounted pinky button give it a look that will last a lifetime. Now take that MOD, expose the brass endcaps, polish it up real nice, and you get a solid mechanical with a high end feel. Problem is… up until now… the only way you can get this “custom” polished sigelei 8 was to do it yourself. Which most of us don’t have the means or skills to pull off. Well, VaporTek is hooking us up. For those of us that want the high end polished look… they talked the Sigelei factory to make some custom 1 offs and they are providing them cheaper than the regular ones cost! Hows that for a hook up? But act quick cause you can bet that once the word gets out on these… they will fly off the shelves!

Use Coupon Code: gotsmok5

Polished Sigelei 8 Mechanical

Polished Sigelei 13a Mechanical



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