Provari (Variable Voltage eCig) Clearance!

The ProVape Provari is known by many as the ultimate variable voltage electronic cigarette. From the second that you hold one in your hand… you just know that it is high quality. From it’s weight, to it’s materials to the fit & finish… let’s just say… it’s nice! The only thing bad about the Provari is it’s price-tag. At over $200 retail… the entrance fee into the Provari club is pretty steep. That being said… it’s a one time fee! This vape will last you for years with no problems. And, if you have any problems… ProVape’s impeccable customer support is sure to take care of you.

Well, what if I told you that you don’t have to pay full price for a brand new genuine ProVape Provari? Well, you don’t! All day, everyday… Provape runs a clearance section. It can easily save you $50 or more on a brand new, factory guaranteed, Provari. How’s that for a hook-up? For a little more than the price of an eVic… you can vape like a pimp and puff on a Provari!


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