Puritank Bottom Coil Glassomizer (Protank Killer) $13.95

I keep hearing about this new “Protank Killer” called the Puritank so I had to do a little digging. And, i’m glad I did. It seems Dbox took the Protank and made all the changes that vapers wanted. Some how repackaged it and priced it at about the same price as the original Protank! Crazy! Check out the specs. The Puritank features stainless steel end caps. It has a pyrex glass body. It comes with (2) 2.2 ohm EVOD atomizer heads. And, a free stainless steel bazooka drip tip in included. Seriously? It looks like a winner. So much so… i’m in for a couple.

dragonecigs increased their price to $18!


  • Josh

    Anyone know the capacity?

    • Sorry I forgot to post that… from what I read… about 5ml.

  • Jason Dunn

    I ordered one earlier today, I’ll have it in 48-72 hours. I’ll let you know EXACTLY how the puritank murdered my beloved pro tank…… If it in fact did haha

    • Keep us informed… this does indeed look like a Protank killer though.

    • Jill

      where from jason…that above link took me to dragonflyecig.com and they don;t honor the drip tip mentioned, not did they have them in stock????

      • Jason Dunn

        Jill, I ordered mine from dragon fly 5 minutes after it was posted on here. I’ll do some digging and see if I can find you a good deal+a drip tip. If I don’t find it with the drip tip, I’ll sell you mine for however much it costs to ship. I hate metal drippies cuz they chip teeth from time to time, especially if your 6 month old son kicks the bottom of your MPV while getting a pull haha.

    • Peter

      How did that puritank turn out. Im just wondering if I should get that or the protank?

      • Check out the new x10 we just posted. Looks promising as well.

  • Zach Knox

    Can you rebuild the coil like you can on the pro tank or do you have to keep buying premade heads?

    • They use EVOD heads so they can be re-built exactly like the Protank heads.

  • KC

    Okay, where can I find this? I have been searching the web, and like Jill above, all I can find is the dragonflyecig.com link. I would really like to know where to get this.


    • the dragonflyecigs link was/is the place to buy it. Just click the add to cart button. Unfortunately, it looks like they increased their price to $18. Not so much of a hot deal at that price i guess…

      • KC

        Yeah, at $13.95 it was a good deal, at $18, I might as well get the ProTank … I can find it for sub $15 …

  • justin

    they are out of stock. I live right by dragonfly ecigs in texas. I’m going to wander in and ask when they will be back.
    their purple shock ra liquid is amazing.

    • Thanks for the update… deal has been updated to sold out status. Hope everyone who wanted in got in. Looks like a killer tank.

  • Joe

    Can you please email me when you get some Puritanks back in stock. That would be very kind of you.

    Thank you,


    • We will defiantly post when we find the next deal on the puritank.

  • mary younts

    Will you be stocking any more Puritank Bottom Coil Glassomizer’s? I really want one!

  • justin

    I just picked one up from dragonfly in lewisville. They have them in stock at their locations in lewisville, and Frisco. 1 per customer unfortunately. If you are in Dallas area you could get one. Unfortunately I found out the glass on mine was attached a little crooked to the base after I filled it.


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