PVD Black Nzonic Clone (PRE-SALE) $47.99

The first pre-sale for the PVD black Nzonic clone just went live a few seconds ago. I gotta say… looking at pictures of this mod… it looks kinda nice. I mean… there is only so much stainless steel and brass one man can take. Right? =) Besides the awesome finish on this MOD… the PVD Black Nzonic clone features a full telescopic design. It also sports silver plated contacts, 510 connection & a magnetic button. I mean what kind of Nzonic clone would it be without one. =) Please note that estimated delivery is in 3 weeks from now.


  • quickstopjay

    My morning ritual : wake up, grab my APV off the nightstand, take a PP, get my PB (personal beverage), hit my PLS (personal lounge spot), pick up my PID (personal internet device) , and while enjoying the afore mentioned, I head straight to gotsmok.com, to see what Got got for me today.
    Today was special thanks to this post. My dream mech in black, with the same coating that’s used on guns? Pay no attention to the man in flannel pajama pants, sporting a vertical bulge accented by a dark wet spot. Just know that it looks like an upside down Spanish exclamation point that precedes an exclamatory statement. And, that this Spanish exclamation point is not only a metaphor, but the inspiration of this post.

    I love love this site. It introduces me to new products, great deals, and awesome USA vendors

    • quickstopjay

      But my spanish exclamation point went away the second I realized I have 3 young sons, a large family, and black Friday (week,lol) looming. It’ll be LAFC (LONG AFTER FLIPPING CHRISTMAS) before I can score this. C’mon, dude, hook me up, lol. I just gave a great testimonial and however you choose to use it, there’s marketing gold here.

      • quickstopjay

        you’re cleaning out your closet to offer giveaways to promote your new forums. If anything, hook me up with something cool, cuz I entertained you. “Make me laugh clown “,lol

      • http://vape.deals GotSmok.com

        LOL… i’ll keep you in mind next time I have something cool just sitting around. Promise!

    • http://vape.deals GotSmok.com

      This has got to he the comment of the year. =)

  • Tom

    So on the fence about this one…On the one hand: silver plated contacts, telescopic, BLACK PVD…on the other hand, and I know this is nitpicky, but I HATE those dumb crystals the nzonics have in the switch. So out of place.

    • http://vape.deals GotSmok.com

      I feel ya on those crystals… I feel the same way. =)


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