Regulated Mods

Triade DNA250 by Lost Vape (US Seller) $145.00

triade dna250

Yep, you read that right…DNA250!  Crazy.  I’m not sure what other mods are going to be in the lineup, but this is the first.  The Lost Vape Triade DNA250 is now on pre-sale over at ecig for $145 with FREE shipping.  From what I can see, it’s still the same Triade …

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Kangvape Leader, Leader Mini & Lover Box Mod $21.59+

kangvape leader

Here’s a few interesting new mods to check out.  The Kangvape Leader and Leader Mini are incredibly similar to the original Tesla Stealth.  They both have internal batteries, direct voltage output, and a compact side-by-side design.  The main difference between them is power and battery life, but they are both at a great …

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Sigelei Fuchai 213 TC Mod (6 Colorways) $44.95

sigelei fuchai 213

Vaporider just gave me the heads up that they have restocked the Sigelei Fuchai 213 TC Mod in all six colorways: black, blue, gold, gun metal, orange & pink. And, they have them ALL on sale for $44.95 (no coupon code needed). Decent deal for those looking for a specific …

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Tesla Stealth 70w TC Mod (18650 Version) $38.45

tesla stealth 70w

A new Tesla Stealth has arrived…and this one’s looking pretty good.  When compared to the first version, the Tesla Stealth 70w is a huge improvement.  It has variable wattage, temperature control, and even uses a standard 18650 battery, which is something that a lot of people were hoping to see.  …

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Cloupor GT 80w TC Box Mod $20.00

cloupor gt

Here’s another great deal brought to us by our friends over at The have the Cloupor GT in stock and on sale for just $20.00! That’s pretty much the cheapest I’ve even seen this mod go for. With that said… I don’t know how many more they actually have …

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Kanger CUPTI 2 100W Starter Kit (US Seller) $50.95

kanger cupti 2

The brand new Kanger CUPTI 2 100w All-In-One Kit is now in stock at Vaporider.  They have it priced at $60.95, but you can get $10 off if you use coupon code “CUPTI2” at checkout ($50.95 total).  Currently, only the black colorway is available.  I don’t know when that code expires …

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Limitless LMC 200w TC Box Mod $50.00


Here’s yet another big price drop from the fine folks over at Ecig.  They’re now selling the Limitless LMC 200w TC box mod for only $50!  That’s about $19-$20 less than their previous price, and it’s easily the best deal I was able to find from any online vendor.  Shipping …

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Movkin Disguiser 150w Mod (US Seller) $33.00

movkin disguiser

It looks like just did a serious price drop on the Movkin Disguiser 150w mod.  From what I recall, they had been selling these for around $49…but now you can pick one up for only $33!  Both colorways are still available too, choose from either black or white.  Shipping …

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Snowwolf Mini Plus 80W Box Mod $49.99

snowwolf mini plus

This one looks pretty cool.  The Snowwolf Mini Plus offers several upgrades over the previous version, including more TC options and a built-in 3000mAh battery.  And with the new OLED screen placement (front panel), it bears an even stronger resemblance to the original Snowwolf.  Ecig-City is one of the first …

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Gold Hcigar VT75 Box Mod $74.99

gold hcigar

Here’s a deal for those out there that prefer a little bling with their vape setup. You can pick up the Gold Hcigar VT75 for $74.99 over at the city. I’m told that they don’t have very many in stock. So, down’t wait too long to grab yours. With that …

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