Regulated Mods

Smoktech SID (Variable Voltage / Wattage APV) $37.61


The Smoktech SID just hit FT and at the lowest prices seen since the healthcabin¬†sale of a few months ago. This time around… it’s priced at just $37.61! Seriously… not a bad deal for a variable voltage / wattage advanced personal vaporizer. It’s also available in black, blue, fuchsia, gold, …

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eGo-C Twist / Evod 1100mAh Starter Kit $16.32


The eGo-C Twist was my first “MOD” and I paid a whopping $26 plus shipping for mine just a few months ago. Boy how I wish GOTSMOK existed back when I started vaping. =) If it did… I would have only paid $16.32 for the eGo-C Twist + an EVOD …

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iTaste MVP v2 Blowout $39.99


The iTaste MVP v2 starter kit with the iClear 30 have been selling out like hotcakes. Even at a $50 plus price tag. I wonder how fast will it sell at $39.99. And no… were not talking about a China vendor. That’s 39.99 from a USA vendor. OK… but this …

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Sigelei Tmax Starter Kit $44.99


Think of it this way. What would you get if a Zmax fell in love and had a baby with a MVP? Come on… a Sigelei Tmax of course. =) The Sigelei Tmax is the box mod version of the well known Zmax. It features a stainless steel body, OLED …

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Vamo v2 Chromed Edition $25.41


4 new colors of the Vamo v2 chromed edition have hit FT. And they are still priced under $26 shipped worldwide. Which makes the Vamo v2 chromed edition one of the most affordable & feature packed regulated mod in the market. Seriously… variable voltage, variable wattage, ohm reader & battery …

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Innokin iTaste 134 Starter Kit $107.26


The Innokin iTaste 134 starter kit has just hit the vendor we all love to hate. And, surprise surprise… it’s at the lowest price that I’ve seen yet. I gotta admit… when I first saw this device at my local vape shop… I was pretty impressed. The build quality is …

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Hana Modz Pack v2 (DNA 20) PRE-SALE $250.00


DNA 20 controlled MODs are the future of vaping. I mean come on… who doesn’t need 20 watts when they vape. =) OK, maybe not all of us… but for those of you in the market for a DNA 20 MOD, you know how hard they are to come by. …

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Sigelei Zmax v3 Black Chrome $49.97


With mechanical MODs being all the rage lately… regulated MOD deals seem few and far between. Or maybe, I just don’t notice them as much. Well, that’s gotta change. And, here is the first step. Here is a decent deal on not only the Sigelei Zmax v3… but the Black …

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Innokin iTaste VTR (IN STOCK, FREE SHIPPING) $99.95


I was able to check out the Innokin iTaste VTR at ECC and I gotta admit… it’s one solid device. It just feels good in your hand. Which is no surprise given Innokin’s build quality. So, I was very excited to show you the first time I have seen this …

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Provari Mini (Stainless Steel) BACK IN STOCK! $179.95


When we posted the Provari Mini on release day… they sold out in seconds. Well here you go. The first re-stock of these bad boys have just hit the web and it’s first come first serve. We don’t actually know how many more of the Provari Mini stainless steel will …

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