Regulated Mods

Sigelei Zmax Mini APV $20.16


Here’s a solid deal for those out there in the GOTSMOK community looking to cop a variable voltage/wattage device on the cheap. VaporBeast has just put up a new deal of the day. This time up to bat, the Sigelei Zmax Mini APV. They have it priced at $22.40. But, …

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GI2 Style Box Mod $149.99


#TeamCheapMod is about to come up! Here is the newest regulated mod to hit the “Dark Side.” The GI2 Style Box Mod is finally here. Well, almost here I guess. The pre-sale going on over on the bay and the estimated date of delivery is somewhere between September 10th and …

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30 Watt Box Mod By Cloupor $67.49


I just got the heads up that MtBakerVapor just restocked the 30 Watt Box Mod by Cloupor. Well at least I’m pretty sure that this is the Cloupor version. But it doesn’t sport any logos. They have all 4 colorways in stock and ready to ship: black, blue, red & …

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IPV v3 Box Mod By Pioneer4you $118.99


Here’s the cheapest price that I’ve seen the IPV v3 Box Mod  by Pioneer4you going for. LAvapeco just put up a BIN auction on eBay for both colorways: silver or black. Either cost just $118.99 with FREE STANDARD SHIPPING included. Not a bad deal considering everything that this IPV v3 …

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SMY GOD 180 Watt Box Mod $129.00


You’ve probably heard about the Sigelei Raptor / Cloupor T8 killer… the SMY GOD. What’s so special about it? FREAKIN 180W of pure vaping goodness. =) Plus, throw in the fact that this box mod isn’t just a box. It has some curves to it that make it look SEKSI …

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Buy An IPV2 Get A FREE Plume $110.00


Here’s a cool deal for those in the market for an IPV2. UltraMist just put up a deal where if you buy an IPV2… you get a FREE Plume Veil style RDA atomizer. The cost for the MOD is $110 plus you also get FREE SHIPPING thrown in as well. …

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Cloupor ZNA 50 Watt Mod $89.95


Here’s something pretty exciting that I haven’t seen anywhere else yet. ProdigyVapor on eBay has just put up a limited presale for the upcoming Cloupor ZNA 50 Watt Mod! And, from the specs he provided… it looks pretty promising. The Cloupor ZNA 50 features variable wattage from 7-50W, support for …

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Vamo v5 APV Starter Kit $32.31


Here’s an awesome deal for those out there looking for a decent starter kit with lots of features but still on the cheap. FastTech just stocked the aluminium Vamo v5 APV Starter Kit in 5 different colorways: black, blue, fuchsia, purple & silver. Each Vamo v5 Starter Kit costs just …

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