Halocigs Holiday Sale (20% Off kits)

halocigs holiday sale

The Halocigs Holiday Sale just went live. For a limited time… save 20% off all starter kits. No coupon code is necessary. All you have to do is add the starter kit to your cart. And, the 20% discount will automatically apply. Also, you can get a FREE 30mL bottle …

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VAPE DEALS Christmas 2015 List

I’ve gotten quite a few leads on Christmas sales that have already gone live. So… let’s go ahead and start the VAPE DEALS Christmas 2015 List. I’ll list all the the deals that make it into my inbox. And, feel free to leave a comment down below on any that I may …

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MyFreedomSmokes Eliquid Sale (20% Off)

myfreedomsmokes eliquid

I just got the heads up on the MyFreedomSmokes Eliquid Sale that’s going on right now. Save 20% off ALL MyFreedomSmokes Eliquid when you use the coupon code “MFS20LIQ” at checkout. There are a few catches though. The offer DOES NOT apply to samples, sampler packs or wholesale quantities. And, …

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Rocco Biggs BOGO E-liquid Sale

rocco biggs bogo

I just got the heads up on the Rocco Biggs BOGO E-liquid Sale going on right now. All you have to do is add a bottle of juice to your cart. When you do… you’ll see a message saying that your “eligible for 1 additional product from ROCCO BIGGS Premium …

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Grand Rapids E-liquid Sale (50% Off)

grand rapids

OK, I haven’t personally tried Grand Rapids E-liquid. But, they come recommended from someone I trust. So, I’m throwing this deal out there for the rest of the VAPE DEALS community. I just got the heads up that Grand Rapids E-liquid ( is having a customer appreciation sale for the …

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Ecig 3 Day Sale (Black Friday Revisited)

ecig 3 day sale

Did you miss out on’s Black Friday sales? Well, here’s your second chance to grab those deals. The Ecig 3 Day Sale just went live. What does that mean? Basically… they have all of their Black Friday sales back for this weekend only. My personal favorites are the LE80 at …

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3Fvape Christmas Coupon (5% Off)

3fvape christmas

The 3Fvape Christmas Coupon Code was just released today. A little early for my tastes. But hey… I’m not complaining one bit. =) All you have to do is use the coupon code “3FVAPEXmas” when you checkout. When you do… you’ll save 5% off all items. Not a bad way to start …

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VirginVapor Cyber Monday Sale

virginvapor cyber

Here’s another sale to check out if your low on e-juice. I just got the heads up on the VirginVapor Cyber Monday Sale. Honestly though… it really looks like an extended black friday sale to me. Not that it makes a difference. Here’s the 411. Hardware, 50/50 base e-liquid and …

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