sense blazer nano

Sense Blazer Nano Tank (FREE Shipping) $14.82

There seems to be some unwritten rule that every good tank should come in 2-3 sizes: regular, mini, and/or nano.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though—often, the mini/nano versions are even better than the original (e.g., TFV4 Mini, Serpent Mini, Tornado Nano, etc.).  So, if you were a fan of the original Sense Blazer or the Blazer Mini, this one might be worth checking out.  The new Sense Blazer Nano is now available at Fasttech for only $14.82 with Worldwide FREE shipping.  That price only applies to the stainless steel version, but you can pick up the black, gold, rainbow, or blue colorways for just $0.46 more.  Not much information is available yet, but this one is definitely intended for much lower wattages…so, I’m guessing it’s going to have more of a restricted-lung draw.

And, in case you missed it, you might want to check out yesterday’s deal on the Blazer Mini.  It’s currently on sale over at EightVape for only $10.

Sense Blazer Nano Features/Specs

  • Dimensions: 22.8mm x 43.9mm
  • Juice Capacity: 2mL
  • Thread: 510
  • Stainless Steel and Glass Construction
  • Top Fill Design
  • Adjustable Bottom Airflow
  • Coils Options: 1.2Ω and 1.8Ω



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