Sentinel Clone For Even Cheaper! $17.06

I wasn’t going to post this deal. But since the only other way to get this is through pre-order… I guess I’ll put this out there. Since, you might get this before the other pre-order ships. Keep in mind that this deal is through a China vendor. That being said, I have ordered from this vendor before and I received my items in about 2 weeks. But, for the price they have it priced for… $17.06… the wait might be worth it. So here you go… the Sentinel clone for under a $20 spot! So again, if you want in on the Sentinel clone… you fingers better work quick!


  • WOW… sold out again. I guess the thirst is real for this MOD. I’ll be on the lookout for other vendors and bet I’ll post up the deals!

  • Josh

    Got in on this. Thanks for the find! Do you have any hands on experience with this mod? Any tweaks need made or pretty good out of the box?

    • No one really knows cause the clone is too new.

    • kljoki

      You are BS-ing !

      • kljoki

        Josh !

      • kljoki

        NO Josh, big sorry ….. poor me !

        Vilay2bay BS-ing with tax number

  • Dex

    in for 2!!!! 6 left its 10:51am 7/2/2013

  • Jun

    185 in stock

  • Viseth

    Not too many reviews on youtube that are in English. A few Filipino reviews in Tagalog. I did find one Malaysian reviewer that was in English. Hes raving about it. No reports of any misfires in the video. Heres the link:

    Can’t wait for my pre-ordered one from AKA. Hopefully comes in next week!

  • Justin

    I wanna buy one but it keeps telling me “this webpage is not available in your country”

  • Vilay2Bay

    This website asks for your Tax ID. I don’t trust the site.

    • Tax ID? I’ve ordered from there and they never asked for my Tax ID…

  • its me

    just buy them from vaporbreak
    18 bucks plus a few dollars for postage.


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