Sentinel Clone For Even Cheaper! $17.06

I wasn’t going to post this deal. But since the only other way to get this is through pre-order… I guess I’ll put this out there. Since, you might get this before the other pre-order ships. Keep in mind that this deal is through a China vendor. That being said, I have ordered from this vendor before and I received my items in about 2 weeks. But, for the price they have it priced for… $17.06… the wait might be worth it. So here you go… the Sentinel clone for under a $20 spot! So again, if you want in on the Sentinel clone… you fingers better work quick!



  1. WOW… sold out again. I guess the thirst is real for this MOD. I’ll be on the lookout for other vendors and bet I’ll post up the deals!

  2. Got in on this. Thanks for the find! Do you have any hands on experience with this mod? Any tweaks need made or pretty good out of the box?

  3. in for 2!!!! 6 left its 10:51am 7/2/2013

  4. 185 in stock

  5. Not too many reviews on youtube that are in English. A few Filipino reviews in Tagalog. I did find one Malaysian reviewer that was in English. Hes raving about it. No reports of any misfires in the video. Heres the link:

    Can’t wait for my pre-ordered one from AKA. Hopefully comes in next week!

  6. I wanna buy one but it keeps telling me “this webpage is not available in your country”

  7. This website asks for your Tax ID. I don’t trust the site.

  8. just buy them from vaporbreak
    18 bucks plus a few dollars for postage.


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