Sigelei 19 Copper Edition PRE SALE! $31.34

The Sigelei 19 is one of the hottest MODs out there right now. First there was the 19 and it insta sold out. Then the 19 “Nzonic” sold out with the quickness. Even the pre sales are hard to get on. So what do you think a Sigelei 19 copper edition will do? My guess is sell out in the blink of an eye. Well here you go. Here’s your chance to get into the first pre-sale for the new Sigelei 19 copper edition. These are scheduled to ship late this month or early next so it not that long of a wait. So if you’ve been waiting on a nice mechanical to jump on… click the link, add to your cart and check out!

Use Coupon Code: gotsmok5


  • Justin

    This mod looks amazing, kinda reminds me of my friend’s mortar mod just because of the copper finish. I wasn’t sure if this was still telescopic because I had emailed Vapor Tek USA and they had said it only takes “1860 batts only”. I still yet to have them reply back. Once I do, I’m definitely buying it.

  • Sold out with the quickness. Hope everyone who wanted in got in. Looks like it’s gonna be a very very very hard MOD to get if they sell out this fast on PRE-ORDER.

  • Rokin Randy

    Looks like a shell, Or a firing device…But it looks more like brass than copper.. I want one


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