Sigelei 19e Nzonic (NO GLUE OR MAGNETS!) $31.34

The 19 was one of Sigelei’s best mechanical MODs so far. But, it took a little work. The 19e was a step in the right direction but you still had to battle the glue in the switch to shorten the throw. Now you have the Sigelei 19e Nzonic (NO GLUE OR MAGNETS) version. You read that right. It’s a all brass 19e with the Nzonic top cap. Then, there is no glue in the switch and no magnets in the entire MOD! Talk about NO VOLTAGE DROP! This is an awesome MOD that will sell out with the quickness!

Use Coupon Code: gotsmok5


  • Ryan

    Just got mine and I have to tell u it’s awesome. No misfire and hits like a champ. The only problem I have with it is the fire button is a little stiff and the locking button, if u twist it to far it will get stuck. Other then that it is a great mod for the price.


      Agreed.. this is an awesome mod. My current favorite.


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