smok alien wraps

Smok Alien Wraps (Over 30 Designs) $0.99-$1.99

It’s pretty well-known that the paint quality of the Alien could use some serious improvement.  Fortunately, there’s a super cheap and easy fix for that: get a wrap.  3fvape has over 30 Smok Alien Wraps in stock, priced as low as $0.99!  I’ve spent up to $15 for mod wraps before, so I think this is an absolute bargain.  Stop by and check it out, maybe you’ll find something you like.  And, as always, keep in mind that 3fvape offers FREE shipping when you spend $15 or more.

Smok Alien Wraps

  • High Definition Printing
  • Precision Cut
  • Material: PVC
  • Self-Adhesive
  • Easily Removable



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