Smok Magneto (With Or Without Smok Logo) $39.99

The new Smok Magneto is the hottest mechanical MOD out right now. This is for a couple reasons. Reason #1… it is the first AFFORDABLE MOD that has a real magnetic switch. That alone is reason to celebrate. Which leads to reason #2. Reason #2… more importantly… early reviews of this MOD have been all positive! It seems like Smoktech did right with this release. Reviews state that it has a quality build, awesome switch and nice feel to it. The only slight negative brought up was that the positive pin in the 510 connector isn’t adjustable. Other than that…. the Smok Magneto is a GO! So if your in the market… click the link below. This is the first vendor offering it with your choice of with or without the Smok logo on the body. And, even better… at a $40 price tag!



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