Smok Magneto Mechanical MOD $42.70

The initial reviews are flowing in. And, the Smok Magneto Mechanical is a solid MOD. It features a solid stainless steel telescoping body. But, better yet… it features a buttery smooth magnetic fire switch. The only complaint so far has been the wish for an adjustable positive pin. Other than that, it’s a sick MOD that’s worth it’s $50 MSRP. At _____ it’s an absolute steal worth it’s last penny. But, don’t take my word for it. Read the reviews. Then come back. Click that link below and get in on this Smok Magneto Mechanical goodness!

Use Coupon Code: lovetovape5


  • Jt

    Love those magnets! And My good buddy “vaping Clouds” on youtube has found a great way to modify the postive center pin.. I am pretty sure I paid more a month ago on Pre-order!! Gotsmok , you rock bro!


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