smok gx350 kit

Smok TFV8 Baby Beast (SOLD OUT) | Smok GX350 Kit $25.20

Here’s a pair of crazy Smok deals from the team over at Health Cabin.  They’re selling the Smok TFV8 Baby Beast Sub-ohm Tank for only $6.44 right now!  You can pick any colorway you like…as long as it’s purple =) (SOLD OUT) I’m assuming they don’t have many of those left in stock, so grab one fast if you’re interested.  They also have the Smok GX350 Starter Kit on sale for $25.20.  That would be a fantastic deal for the mod alone…but, of course, the kit also includes a full-size TFV8 Tank.  There’s a better variety of colorways available for that one too: black, purple, silver, and gold.

$6.44 Smok TFV8 Baby Beast

Colorways: Purple


$25.20 Smok GX350 Kit

Colorways: Black, Purple, Silver, Gold


  • john fisher

    I had a cart with $197 worth of items. The cart disappeared with over 50 items and cannot be retrieved. Also, the shipping was over $50. Not too happy. HealthCabin is making me ill.

    • Jeremy

      Yikes. Very sorry to hear that. That would seriously frustrate me too. Looks like they’re charging WAY too much for shipping! Too bad.

  • George Brennan

    Health Cabin has a wide array of cheap deals going on but of course they charge higher shipping than most other online stores. Final price of the items usually come out about the same as ordering from a US based online store. The only reason to use Health Cabin is if they have an item that no one else has in stock IMO. As an example I had about 100.00 of products in my cart and it was approximately 39.00 in shipping BUT that was for DHL 2-7 days to my front door.

    john fisher, if you were logged in to your account that cart would not disappear. Believe me, they send me a reminder email with my cart all the time when I’m deciding how to spend my vape budget.

  • Jeremy

    Update: they raised the price of the GX350 kit to $29.40


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