SmokTech Magneto Mechanical MOD $46.71

This looks like the first time the brand new Smoktech Magneto is found IN STOCK and ready to ship! Not only that… it’s at a discount and there is a coupon code as well. So jump on it while you can! The new Smoktech Magneto is the hottest MOD on the market. It features a fully magnetic switch! No springs. Silky smooth throw. Just pure awesomness! =) And you can be the first to be rocking this MOD. No one has these in stock. The pre-orders have been sold out. You know you want to do it. Go ahead… click that yellow link below. =)

Use Coupon Code: humpday


  • Val Basco

    Coupon code expired yeaterday but you can use vapemelongtime for 10% just got an email from quantum.

  • Lorraine

    Out of stock already. 🙁

  • Quantum Vapor

    Sorry everyone, these devices moved quick. I have to say, it’s probably one of the nicest mech mods I have seen from China.

    We have more on the way already. Follow us on facebook and we will let you know as soon as they arrive.

  • Mondo Mota

    I got mine today in the mail this mod is awesome !
    Only thing is that I have found wrong is that the top firing pin needs to be adjustable. Other then that I must say way to got smoktech. The magnetic firing button is so smooth .


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