Smoktech SID 18500 / 18350 Battery Tubes $11.39-11.64

The Smoktech SID took off where the eVic left off. But, just like the eVic… replacement 18500 / 18350 battery tubes are in short supply. Until now. MV just put in stock all 5 colors of the 18500 and 18350 replacement tubes. The colors black, blue, gold, hot pink & purple are available. And at a pretty decent price I might add. Just $11.39 for the 18350 size and $11.64 for the 18500. Just don’t forget to use the coupon code “lovetovape5” at checkout. And who said size doesn’t matter? =)

Use Coupon Code: lovetovape5

Smoktech SID 18500 Battery Tube


Smoktech SID 18350 Battery Tube



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