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Sourcemore Sigelei Sale (28% Off)

I know that Sourcemore might not the best prices of Sigelei items. But, this deal will make their prices a whole lot better. Use the coupon code “SIG28OFF” at checkout and you’ll save 28% off ALL Sigelei products. Don’t wait too long to take advantage of this coupon code though. It looks like this Sourcemore promotion ends on 1/10.

Use Coupon Code: SIG28OFF


Page Contains Affiliate Links | Full Transparency Statement


  1. Looks like they raised the prices by about 40% and then offered the sale. Don’t bother, you can get much better prices in the US without waiting for shipping from china

  2. Wow, 28% would bring those prices down to……still way more than a reasonable amount. $127 for the OG Sig 100 Plus box? I paid $80 for mine almost two years ago….from a US vendor.

    I thought this site was supposed to help people save money, not spend way too much on outdated gear.

    • Hi Jake. I appreciate the feedback! You’re right, most of the stuff was overpriced. We were informed that they were having a Sigelei Sale and just wanted to get the word out in case there were any good deals in there. And it just so happens that there was a great deal in there. They had the Fuchai 213 Plus available for $44.71 shipped, which was the lowest (total) price I’ve seen yet. So hopefully it helped a few people save some money. I realize the deals were few and far between, but that’s just how it goes sometimes.

      • It’s all good. I see another commenter said they kinda pulled a fast one anyways. I was just surprised to click through and see such high dollar blasts from the past! LOL

      • Haha, yeah…that’s always kinda funny to see. The other day I saw the original Aspire Atlantis “ON SALE” for around $45! Crazy =)



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