Starter Kits

Kamry K500 E-Cigarette Starter Kit $36.91


Finally, a decent starter kit for those of us that don’t want to bring your full blown MODs everywhere we go. I mean seriously… do you need a Nemesis at church? =) Check this Kamry K500 e-cig starter kit out. It comes with everything you would need to vape on …

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Mechanical MOD Starter Kit (6 Different Choices) $27.77


I gotta say. I usually don’t like starter kits from FT. It’s because they often include some no-name brand battery that I wouldn’t feel comfortable using. And, if I wouldn’t use it… I wouldn’t tell you to use it either. That being said, FT just stocked 6 different starter kits …

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Kanger Evod Starter Kit $29.69


I know, I know. We hardly post any deals for the newbies to vaping. Even though we said that we would. Well, one day (and deal) at a time right? Let’s start right now. I just saw that AKA has a pretty awesome deal on a Kanger EVOD starter kit …

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