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Army Green Innokin iTaste VTR $71.05


You should consider this a “pre-sale” deal since delivery is scheduled in 15 days. But, being that the price is about $50 less than retail… hey, it’s a great deal if you have the patience. All that said… the new Army Green colorway of the brand new Innokin iTaste VTR …

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iTaste VTR Starter Kit (IN STOCK) $89.99


The best USA vendor iTaste VTR starter kit deal has just gotten better. I just got the heads up that DNA has just got these in stock and they are ready to ship. So… if you want you iTaste VTR starter kit now and don’t want to wait for over …

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Kamry K300 MOD (Black Or Silver) $49.21


I’m pretty sure that this is the lowest price yet on the Kamry K300 “BCC Hybrid” MOD. Well, lets clarify that… the K300 was slated to be a clone of the Juggernaut hybrid. Well, somewhere alone the way… Kamry decided that it would be better to not make it a …

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Innokin iTaste VTR Starter Kit $71.05


You knew it was gonna happen. The Innokin iTaste VTR Starter Kit has hit FT. And, of course… it’s listed at the lowest price seen yet. The while Innokin iTaste VTR starter kit costs just $71.05. We’re talking the MOD, adapter cone, iClear 30s & case. This is almost $20 …

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Innokin iTaste MVP v2 Starter Kit Restock $39.99


The Innokin iTaste MVP v2 starter kit is one hot item right now. Especially at the $39.99 price tag that 101 has them at. We’re talking about the brand new iTaste v2, and iClear 30 & the charging cable for less than $40! This same kit goes for $55-60 at most …

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iTaste VTR Starter Kit $89.99 + FREE Juice/Shipping!


This is by far the best iTaste VTR starter kit deal going on! First on… this is a PRE-SALE but, they are already shipped and expected Nov 4-8 so the wait won’t be long at all. As a trade off… first… you get the best price so far on the …

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eGo-C Twist / Evod 1100mAh Starter Kit $16.32


The eGo-C Twist was my first “MOD” and I paid a whopping $26 plus shipping for mine just a few months ago. Boy how I wish GOTSMOK existed back when I started vaping. =) If it did… I would have only paid $16.32 for the eGo-C Twist + an EVOD …

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iTaste MVP v2 Blowout $39.99


The iTaste MVP v2 starter kit with the iClear 30 have been selling out like hotcakes. Even at a $50 plus price tag. I wonder how fast will it sell at $39.99. And no… were not talking about a China vendor. That’s 39.99 from a USA vendor. OK… but this …

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