Stillare RDA Atomizer Clone $21.99

3 days ago… I posted a Stillare RDA clone deal at $20 and it sold out in a few hours. Well, here another chance for those of you who missed out on that deal. VapingWalrus just stocked the Stillare RDA on eBay for $21.99 with FREE standard shipping included. When you take the FREE shipping into account, it turns out to be a pretty similar deal to the one that sold out in a few hours. So, I’m sure that this one will too. That’s if the vendor doesn’t go and increase the price once they start selling out. =/



  1. If you go to vapingwalrus.com it’s listed at only $14.99.

  2. His shipping is still cheeper than his ebay listing!

  3. Hopefully it doesn’t come DOA like mine did from 101.

  4. Vaping Walrus

    Thanks for posting our deal!

    We have the item on sale on our website as well, for : $14.99 + $1.99 shipping on all orders! That makes it only $16.98, and plus tax (only CA) bring it out to $18.22 !

    We have no plans on increasing the price of the item when we sell out!

  5. Well idk about DOA from 101 vape but they have them in stock as well( as of this post ). $21.98 with shipping.


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