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Strick Nyne Blends Labor Day Sale 50% Off E-liquids!

Just got the 411 on the Strick Nyne Blends Labor Day Sale. Just use the coupon code “MegaDeal” at checkout and get 50% OFF your e-liquid purchases! You read that right… half off the regular prices! Offer is valid now through 09/07/13. Please all 3-4 days for processing due to the large amount or orders with a sale this big. Vapor Junkies… take advantage of the Strick Nyne Blends Labor Day Sale to try out a new vendor or to stock up on your favorite juice. And, at 50% OFF no less! Who can argue with that? =)

Use Coupon Code: MegaDeal


Page Contains Affiliate Links | Full Transparency Statement


  1. Have you tried this g—–e? It could be 100% off and I still wouldn’t put it in my tank. Blech. But go for it if you enjoy vaping cat u—e.

    • So how do you really feel about Strick Nyne? =) Little harsh don’t ya think?

      • 3 30ml bottles, 4 people, 2 hits each, dumped down sink with nobody trying to stop it. Too busy trying to wash the skunk flem out of their mouths… Harsh?

      • Did you let the juices steep before trying the first time? Just wondering…

      • Quite harsh! Realizing taste is subjective, they wouldn’t be THAT generally negative. (not specifying flavors, reasons, etc.) Leads one to guess the issue is probably personal, in nature. (seeing username tho… might just be a normal thing?) ~IF the comment was intended to warn others about a specific vendor they honestly thought had poor quality, I’m pretty sure they would’ve WANTED to be more specific. That being said, leaving such a non-descript comment, in an attempt to try & keep potential customers from shopping there?? =/ …pretty sad the lengths one will go!? *Ok, which then brings me to: All the drama I’ve seen lately (esp past 6 mos or so) within, what we ironically refer to as a vaping “community”… has been disappointing, at best! IDK if people don’t realize, OR just don’t care anymore- that ALL these new vapers looking for info &/or iinspiration.. (like we were one day) are led to these forums, FB pages, YouTube videos &/or blogs. Yet, in any direction they look, they’re gonna see drama, childish behavior, bullying & incorrect or inaccurate info (given by the shit-ton of new reviewers (used loosely! lately) in it for the wrong reasons, or abusing the platform by soliciting cash donations for personal gain!) Viewers make purchases based on their recommendations- & will end up getting hurt or are disappointed in something they can’t even figure out how to work (since the reviewer themselves, didn’t even fact-check!) Then turned off of vaping as a whole.. they’re running SO fast in the opposite direction, it isn’t even funny!! (RIGHT back to their cigs too!) Lemme tell ya.. If things were like this, back when I looked into e-cigs.. I can say with 100% certainty, I’d still be a 1-1/2 to 2+ pack a day SMOKER.. today! 🙁 As far as we’ve come.. as hard as we’ve worked to get the word out there.. & as much as we fight for the rights of.. that’s a pretty hard pill to swallow & a difficult thing to just sit back & watch happen!

      • Couldn’t have said it better myself. Good points Amanda.

  2. Nancy Barnhart

    I figure if Strick Nyne is willing to share a ‘nice price break’ with us, I’m game to try a couple of their mixes. A couple with 5*s and a couple without any reviews. I tend to think much more positive than the commenter above. There are so many companies and so many juices available… I’m only going thru this life once…. and I will be elated to find a favorite ADV. Thanks for the coupon code Strick Nyne and GotSmok!! NancyB

  3. Nancy Barnhart

    p.s. I love their company name and the juice names.. obviously they have a sense of humor! but take their mixing seriously and are trying to offer something ‘different’ to our plates. These things are ‘good points’ in my book. Can’t take this life too seriously or you’ll just sink. I like those I meet who ‘stand out’ from the norm. NB

  4. No, I just really didnt like it. But thanks for writing a novel about why I can’t have an opinion, Amanda



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