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Sentinel M16 Mechanical MOD Clone $10.57


Wow. And I thought that the past Grand Vapor Sentinel deals were hot. Christmas came 10 months early today. =) OK, I may be exaggerating a little. But, this is one hell of a deal. The China vendor we all love to hate just stocked the Sentinel M16 telescopic mechanical …

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Private v2 Telescopic Mechanical MOD Clone $21.01


One of my favorite Fasttech mods looks like it’s back in stock and ready to ship by the end of this week. This Private v2 telescopic mechanical mod clone is pretty awesome. Seriously… I have one and I have placed it right next to an authentic one and you’d be …

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VaporBeast Sentry MOD $23.39


I haven’t posted about this deal in a while. So, I’ll throw it out there again since it’s worth a reminder. The VaporBeast Sentry MOD is back in stock and ready to ship. And, if you use the coupon code “YEAHBABY” the price drops to just $23.39. And FREE SHIPPING …

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Prometheus Rebuildable Atomizer Clone $16.15


Here’s another release in the recent Fasttech onslaught of clones. The Prometheus rebuildable atomizer clone has finally hit the shelves. And, the best part about this deal is the price. It’s almost half that of all other vendors! Get this… it costs a mere $16.15 with FREE SHIPPING included! Crazy. The …

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Grand Vapor Prometheus Atomizer Clone $31.99


Here you go. The Grand Vapor Prometheus atomizer clone in stock and ready to ship from a USA vendor. Cost? How about just $31.99! That’s less than the pre-sale cost that these were going for! I gotta say… 101 has been on a roll lately. They have been knocking the …

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Top 5 Deals Of The Week 01/04/14


#1 – Poldiac MOD Clone (Stainless & Brass) $33.52 I hate to do this but hey… when your hot your hot. This is the first week where all 5 top deals come from just 1 vendor. And, there’s no surprise on who that vendor is. First off… check out this Poldiac …

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PMMA Trident Atomizer Clone $6.72


Here’s another release in the trend you either love or hate. Of course I’m talking about the clear/foggy PMMA tubes trend going on. Introducing the PMMA Trident atomizer clone. It’s a tri-post 21mm RDA (rebuildable dripping atomizer) composed of stainless steel & PMMA tube. And, the best part about it …

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Top 5 Deals Of The Week 12/21/13


#1 – Caravela MOD Clone (18350 Two Tone) $12.65 Finally, a two tone Caravella clone with a brass top cap has hit the vape scene. And get this… the price after the GOTSMOK discount code is even cheaper than Fasttech. Not bad at all if you ask me. Come on… how …

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Grand Vapor Sentinel M16 Clone $24.99


Ever since I’ve seen the grand vapor sentinel M16 on their Facebook page, I have been patiently waiting for a clone. Well, the wait is over. And take a wile guess on who’s delivering the goods. =) 101 has just placed the Grand Vapor Sentinel M16 clone in stock and …

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Trident v2 Rebuildable Atomizer By Grand Vapor $80


With the Grand Vapor Trident clones flooding the market these last few months. And, with how well they perform… I find it only right to support the authentic RDA as well. Especially when it’s the new Trident v2 version. And double especially when it’s as a discounted price. Triple especially …

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