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Nzonic v3/v4 Mechanical MOD Clone $22.21


Man… I’ve been wanting one of these ever since I picked up my Sigelei 19e way back in the day. Unfortunately, at the time… the authentic Nzonic cost $180 and affordable clones were few and far between. Well, that just changed when FastTech stocked the Nzonic v3/v4 clone for just …

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Black EHPro Nzonic Clone $58.49


Hey, since MadVapes has a new coupon code… we might as well use it right? =) I just noticed that they have the black EHPro Nzonic clone in stock and ready to ship. And, for today and tomorrow only… you can use the coupon code “feb10off” at checkout and the price …

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Top 5 Deals Of The Week 11/23/13


#1 – Vapetactics Chamber Clear Top Cap $26.99 This deal made it to the top based on it’s cool factor alone. The Vapetactics clear top cap for either the IGO-W/L or Nimbus RDAs. But, besides being cool… it also enables you to see if your wicking material is dry or not. …

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PVD Black Nzonic Clone (PRE-SALE) $47.99


The first pre-sale for the PVD black Nzonic clone just went live a few seconds ago. I gotta say… looking at pictures of this mod… it looks kinda nice. I mean… there is only so much stainless steel and brass one man can take. Right? =) Besides the awesome finish …

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EHpro Nzonic Clone Mechanical MOD $59.99


I know when the Sigelei 19 released… the hype was crazy due to the “magnetic” switch. It was dubbed to be the Nzonic clone. Well, needless to say… it had worthless magnets and was no where near the quality of an Nzonic. So what’s next. How about the real magnetic …

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EHPRO DHX028 Nzonic v3 Clone Pre Order $56.00


There’s been a lot of talk going on about the new EHPRO DHX028. AKA… the Nzonic v3 clone. And, for good reason. This looks like the closest clone of the original MOD. The only problem is that not much information is known about the EHPRO DHX028 yet. I for one …

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Sigelei 19b Mechanical With Nzonic Top Cap $26.59


This deal is brought back to you.  The Sigelei 19b mechanical mod.  This deal comes included with the Nzonic top cap.  Price isn’t bad at all.  This is a telescopic mod that can hold all 18 series batteries from 18350 to 18650.  It has a bottom button activation button.  It …

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Sigelei 19e Nzonic (NO GLUE OR MAGNETS!) $31.34


The 19 was one of Sigelei’s best mechanical MODs so far. But, it took a little work. The 19e was a step in the right direction but you still had to battle the glue in the switch to shorten the throw. Now you have the Sigelei 19e Nzonic (NO GLUE …

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Sigelei 8 With Choice Of Native or Nzonic Endcaps $25.18


Even though I’m quite fond of my Sigelei 19 right now. Check out my INSTAGRAM to see why! The Sigelei 8 is probably my most favorite of all the Sigelei mechanical MODs. Why? First off, it works right out of the box. But, if you want to MOD it to …

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Nzonic Clone Sigelei Mechanical MOD #19b $32.99


Sigelei has stepped their game up with their mechanical MOD #19b (dubbed the Nzonic clone). It still features a solid stainless steel body that has been upgraded. It still has the magnetic button but it now has a hot spring in the top cap. And oh, by the way, the …

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