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Trident v2 Clone (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer) $12.99


I know a few of  you have been waiting for FastTech to stock the Trident v2 clone. At least I know that I have. Well, our wait is finally over. They just placed the Trident v2 clone in stock for just $12.99 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included (as always). Considering ...

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Trident v2 RDA Atomizer Clone $14.99


Heads up, the best deal going on the Trident v2 RDA atomizer clone has just been restocked. 101 has just placed these back in stock. And, they were able to keep the price at just $14.99! Seriously, read the reviews on this one. Everyone has only good things to say ...

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Tobeco Trident v2 RDA Atomizer Clone $19.99


Here is the second sighting of the hard to get Tobeco Trident v2 RDA atomizer clone. They have just been placed in stock and ready to ship over at c2c. And, the price is hard to beat at just $19.99 with FREE SHIPPING included! I’m pretty sure that the Tobeco ...

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Trident v2 Clone (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer) $14.99


I just got the heads up that 101 has just placed the Trident v2 clone in stock and ready to ship. Finally… because this is the dripper that I’ve been waiting to drop for a while. And get this… they were able to price it at just $14.99! Seriously, it’s ...

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Grand Vapor Trident v2 RDA Clone $16.99


I just got an e-mail about this Grand Vapor Trident v2 clone deal that I just had to share. Thanks for the heads up Tim! Apparently… Venerable has just placed these in stock and ready to ship. Cost? How about just $16.99! Not a bad deal at all considering that ...

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Trident v2 Rebuildable Atomizer By Grand Vapor $80


With the Grand Vapor Trident clones flooding the market these last few months. And, with how well they perform… I find it only right to support the authentic RDA as well. Especially when it’s the new Trident v2 version. And double especially when it’s as a discounted price. Triple especially ...

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