tesla invader 2/3

Tesla Invader 2/3 360w VV Box Mod (US) $21.57

Yep, you read that right: a brand new 360w box mod from a US vendor for only $21.57!  Almost sounds too good to be true.  Vaporbeast just did another price drop on the Tesla Invader 2/3.  It’s now selling for only $23.97…but you can use coupon code “YEAHBABY” to save an additional 10%.  They currently have 4 colorways in stock: black, green, red, and stainless.  Shipping is FREE when you spend $35 or more.

Tesla Invader 2/3 Features/Specs

  • Maximum Wattage Output:
    • 2x 18650 Batteries: 240w
    • 3x 18650 Batteries: 360w
    • Minimum Resistance: 0.1Ω
    • Adjustable Potentiometer
    • Replaceable Battery Cover
    • LED Indicator

Use Coupon Code: YEAHBABY


  • Chuck666

    Not in Canada?

    • Jeremy

      Hi, Chuck. If you’re referring to the “(US)” in the title, that’s just indicating where the vendor is located. Vaporbeast = US vendor. As to whether or not they ship to Canada, I’m really not sure.

      • Chuck666

        Vaporl is a Chinese Vendor.

      • Jeremy

        Yes, that is correct…but this deal is coming from Vaporbeast, not Vaporl.


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