The Big Nasty (26650 MOD) Pre-Sale $139.99

You knew it was coming sooner or later. Well, it’s finally available in a pre-sale. What the heck am I talking about? A 26650 MOD of course. =) Tatroe Mods has just placed The Big Nasty up for pre-sale. The cost of $139.99 isn’t all that bad considering what you get. The Big Nasty features 303 steel construction, copper contacts, an adjustable center pin & magnetic button. But I guess the main feature is that it can house a 26650 IMR battery. Considering that the MNKE 26650 battery is rated at 4000mAh… you can vape for days (scratch that) weeks before needing to recharge! Crazy!


  • chiggity chan man

    da big nasty??? dammmmn gina! what u doin??!?!? pokin’??

  • chiggity chan man

    i win da poke war gina!

  • Dave

    Seriously…I have enough people making fun of the phallic shape of my ecig…why not name it the zeus or mega cig…how are you going to explain sucking on a big nasty??? vape wars…you’ve gone too far



  • Steven

    Are you excited to see me, or is that the BIG NASTY in your pocket!!?? Damn you GOTSMOK, why did you have to post this, what did I ever do to you? Oh, that’s right, that subscribe button.

    Well, made it in on the pre order, now the wait begins, bought some Sony 26650 50 amp batteries, now it’s how low can you go. lol Really like the look of the Big, even better looking than the Hades, imo. and American made. What’s not to like.


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