TheSauceLA 24 Hour Flash Sale is Back! ($2.00+)

Here we go again.  The 24 Hour Flash Sale over at TheSauceLA is officially back!  It includes 3 flavors: Mango Tropical Blast, Model Tea, and Passion Fruit Cooler.  You can get 30mL bottles for $2, 60mL bottles for $4, or 120mLs for $5.  Just be sure to apply coupon code “Cheers” at checkout.  That code will also get you 60% off all other flavors from The Pier, Route 66, and The Sauce lines (120mL bottles).  Based on the time that TheSauceLA announced this sale, you could probably expect it to end today (3/14) at around 5:00pm EST.  Get your orders in fast!

*Also, keep in mind that you can still get 75% off Awesometown with coupon code “VapeNow”.

TheSauceLA 24 Hour Flash Sale

  • Flavors:
    • Mango Tropical Blast
    • Model Tea
    • Passion Fruit Cooler
  • Prices:
    • $2.00/30mL
    • $4.00/60mL
    • $5.00/120mL

Use Coupon Code: Cheers



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