Two Tone Nemesis Mechanical MOD Clone $25.68

The vendor we all love to hate has finally gotten the two tone Nemesis mechanical mod clone in stock. We’re talking a stainless steel and brass two tone Nemesis. There isn’t any plating involved with this one. =) Besides the two tone construction… this clone still features the AFC top cap, laser logos, adjustable center pin, & silver plated contacts. Everything that has made the Nemesis clone a favorite of #teamcheapmod! But, fair warning… I would get those orders with the quickness if I we’re you. They have already raised the price twice on this MOD just today alone! #justsaying



  1. Damnit man and I just bought a chi you clone off of them for the same price

  2. Who do you think these are made by. Logo looks nice and deep but the wings are facing upward.

  3. Damn you Slow Tech! Just take my money :p


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