Two Tone Nemesis Mechanical MOD Clone $25.68

The vendor we all love to hate has finally gotten the two tone Nemesis mechanical mod clone in stock. We’re talking a stainless steel and brass two tone Nemesis. There isn’t any plating involved with this one. =) Besides the two tone construction… this clone still features the AFC top cap, laser logos, adjustable center pin, & silver plated contacts. Everything that has made the Nemesis clone a favorite of #teamcheapmod! But, fair warning… I would get those orders with the quickness if I we’re you. They have already raised the price twice on this MOD just today alone! #justsaying


  • Erick

    Damnit man and I just bought a chi you clone off of them for the same price

  • Juice

    Who do you think these are made by. Logo looks nice and deep but the wings are facing upward.

  • JT

    Damn you Slow Tech! Just take my money :p


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