UltimateVapeDeals $5 E-liquid Sale – Must See!

Wow…if you want to stock up on some big bottles of juice, jump on this deal before it’s too late.  UltimateVapeDeals has over 20 different e-liquids on sale for only $5 each!  We’re not just talking 30-60mL bottles either—the majority of these are 100-120mL!  I’ll list all of the available options below just to save you some time.  Shipping is a flat $5, so buy as many bottles as you like.  Just don’t expect these to stay in stock for very long.

MORE DEALS: All 4 flavors from Yami Vapor are on sale right now for $12.99 each (100mL bottles).  Also, their Mystery Bundle Boxes are available for $9.99+.  Check out the links below.

UltimateVapeDeals $5 E-liquid Sale

  • Bubba Jug (120mL)
    • Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy
    • Grape
    • Green Apple
    • Watermelon
  • Cheap E-Juice (120mL)
    • Blue Razz Taffy
    • Strawberry Taffy
    • Watermelon Taffy
  • Flave Lab (60mL)
    • American Dream
    • Custard Envy
    • Florida’s Key
    • Melon Bubble Rush
  • Juicy Savers (60mL)
    • Pineapple
    • Strawberry
    • Watermelon
  • My Labs (100mL)
    • Backyard Boogie
    • Drip’n Balls
    • Jungle Drank
    • STUF’d
  • SUS AF (120mL)
    • Bird Bath
    • Chingo
    • Level 3 Yard
    • Nap Dirt

$5 E-liquid Sale


$12.99 Yami Vapor


Mystery Bundle Box


  • Tammy Thomas

    Shipping is not a flat $5

    • Jeremy

      Looks like you’re right! They must have just changed their shipping policy because they’ve advertised “$5 Shipping on Every Order” for a long time. Very sorry about that! I just put together an order and shipping is $7.90 for me, whether I have 1 bottle in the cart or 12. Still not too bad if you’re buying several bottles.

  • Bill

    Is this site legit? It seems way too good to be true. Unless the juice is way expired, this is great

    • Jeremy

      Yes, they are legit. They’ve been around for a while. I’ve ordered from them before and my juice has never been expired. Fast shipping too.


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