USB Passthrough E Cig Cable (Variable Voltage) $7.41

The USB passthrough e cig cable is one of those life saver items that you might not need all the time. But when you do need it and have it… you’ll be glad that you do. Basically. this is basically a variable voltage device that you plug directly into a power source. That way, you’ll never be stuck without a vape! This is perfect for when your ecig breaks (which they always do). Or, even as a permanent back-up device for your home or car. What you get in the package: (1) CE4 atomizer & (1) USB Passthrough E Cig Cable (variable voltage). The possibilities with this cable are endless.

  • Voltage switch: press 5 consecutive times, output voltage will change from 3.2 v / 3.7 v / 4.2 v

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