VAMO Starter Kit (Vivi Nova, Batteries & Charger) $49.98

We have been pimping FASTTECH alot lately and for good reason. They keep bringing the vape heat. They always have free worldwide shipping. 1000’s upon 1000’s of items for already dirt cheap prices. What’s not to love? I was just cruzing there site and I saw that they just posted the full VAMO starter kit. They don’t state if it is the stainless steel or chrome version so assume chrome. That being said… the kit includes:


2 Vivi Nova Clearomizers

2 18350 Batteries

1 Charger

1 E Liquid Needle Bottle

1 Presentation Case

Come on… seriously. For the price most vendors are asking just the VAMO itself… you get all these items? ThisVAMO starter kit is a definatly a no brainer!

Use Coupon Code: CPASTE13SPRING



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